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MTB Guide a near Sydney

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By pepelfrey - Posted on 02 October 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I am visiting near Sydney from Belgium and would like to go Mountain Biking. I have brough my shoes with clips and helment but need a bike and someone to show me some good local trails. Anyone free this saturday 4/10/14 or sunday 5/10/14? If you know of someone who could help me, let me know. You can also contact me by Phone (+32473830334) as I know this is last minute planning.
I tried getting in contact with 'Blue Mountain Bike' but they have not contacted me.

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When you say "near Sydney", where? What is your height? Does it have to be this weekend or can next weekend work?

We have a fairly challenging training ride organised for Sunday 5th in the mountains (over 1100m vertical in 50km) in what are likely to be warm to hot conditions for which you need to be quite fit, and be able to carry water and nutrition for 4 hours. Profile:

Plans aren't final, but the following weekend we will probably be riding trails local to us in Sydney's northern beaches.

Bear in mind when hiring that bikes here will have the front brake on the right handlebar - the opposite to your home country. I would ask for them to be swapped over.

Try looking up Bike Minded and give them a call for bike hire in the Blue Mountains. If they don't hire they may know someone who does.

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My hotel is in Parramatta. My height is 6ft 1 inch (183cm).

I have a return flight home on saturday the 5th at 5pm, meaning I will have to be at the airport at 4pm. If I were to ride on sunday we would have to start real early.

Last year I would have been fit enough to ride with you guys for 50k but this year I have only been able to get out 2 time because of my work.

Bike Minded is a bit further than I would like to travel.

Thanks for the heads up with the front break!

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Bad timing Sad

Would have been a match any other weekend, and I could have loaned you a bike for the day.

Other options: Manly Bike Hire has some basic Polygon brand 29er hardtails in its fleet and the Manly Dam trail is within easy riding distance.

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Favourite cycles in manly rent Trek Fuel 29er dually's

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I have found Manly Bike Tours. They are renting Polygon bikes pretty cheaply and there is the old Manly Dam trail to ride near-by.

I just called up Favorite Cycles to sadly find that they have recently sold all of their demo bikes and cant loan any!

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