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Mont24 2014, team of 6 need rider

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By pancakes - Posted on 08 October 2014

Due to one of our guys being all grown up and responsible and putting his career ahead of fun times, we are 1 short of a full team of 6.

To qualify for selection you must* be:

A) quicker than me, and
B) willing to be at transition ready to go when the incoming rider comes in, and
C) have lights, and
D) be up for pancakes and bacon any time of day or night, and
E) up for a good weekend.

At the moment we're in masters but happy to change to whatever. We're not gender biased so more than happy to go mixed, too, if you're that way gendered.

If you think you've got the 16.6667% we're looking for, drop me a PM!

###even SS riders welcome###

*must=not necessarily required... except for B, C, D and E.

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Meet criteria b to e

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Everyone meets A), Xmas, so you've actually got A-E covered. Eye-wink

The other guys on the team are all quicker than me. The only way I could get on a team was start one. Laughing out loud

I should also add that none of us are at our peak this year, and don't expect anyone to turn themselves inside out.

Also, as Black Flash and his band of merry Mountaholics aren't coming along there's no need to hold with tradition and beat them again. Sticking out tongue

I've had a few guys aren't making it an easy choice, are you. I was hoping for 1 reply, lol.

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i can honestly say i forgot all about it this year, may need to arrange some nobmob teams for next year

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I should also add that entry is $180 and there'll be another few bucks for fuel for the gennie and global warming initiative... yep we've got our own sun. Eye-wink

pancakes's picture'll probably do 3 laps, so 60km. Timing means 2 of them may be in the dark or darkish. In the past we've done 20 laps so that'd be nice to knock over again this year. May not get there due to everyones lack of decent riding of late.

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Don't do it! Gennies at the Mont after dark = grrrr! Sticking out tongue

Smiling Smiling

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If your camp site is in the right spot, the gennie can hardly be heard. Eye-wink

Also, its not really needed in the middle of the night or if it's not freezing.

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Opted to give the kowalski 100 a go instead.
Next year pancakes, next year....
Then it will be mountaholics time to rule supreme and rightfully claim the cartons of beer as proceeds.

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Hey pancakes....I would have jumped at this. But have committed elsewhere. maybe in 2015 if there is a spot for me.

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Thanks, Stan. Good luck with the Mexicans. Laughing out loud

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Yeah Black Flash just keep telling yourself that. Hopefully I'll be able to make it and let the tradition continue. Laughing out loud

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Position filled. Thanks all who messaged me for the interest in signing up.

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