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Excellent bike rack

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By markrrrrr - Posted on 30 April 2008

I can highly recommend this bike rack over others I've used in the past. It uses bungee type straps to keep it on the bars and gives you flexibility in putting multiple bikes on the rack cause you can put the bikes wherever you like on the bar. It cost $160 at St Ives Cycles - no connection to me Smiling.

I bought a seat to stem type bar to make it easier for my Stumpy which is shown here

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This is in a recent MTB mag review, it looks really good (and they say it's good too). But I don't have a tow bar.. yet

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Yeah they are great, purchased one just before my accident , the 4 bike rack works really well and fitted all types of bike frames that we were running , simple easy to use and stable . thumbs up , just wish I could use it Sad

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