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Riding around Orange after Christmas

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By VTSS350 - Posted on 13 December 2014

I am heading out to Condobolin for Christmas with my wife's family. I was thinking about doing some riding around Orange the day after boxing day.

I have only ever driven through Orange and have no idea where is best to ride.

I will be on a 4inch XC bike.

Can anyone give me some pointers as where might be best to ride??

Thanks in advance!

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Kinross is an awesome trail less than 10 mins from town. If you look up the Chocolate Foot Single Track Mind Series race it will have a link with directions etc. Basically if you are coming from Sydney along Mitchell Hwy you turn right into Northern Distributor Rd just before you get into Orange then right again at roundabout onto Ophir Rd then right again say half a km later into the dirt road taking you into the forest. It's probably 2km from there. The XC loop we raced on is probably 8km. Not sure what other trails are there.

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Kinross is very good

Mt Canobolas is very good (It's been a while but if you were taking a bike with more travel I could find some old gps plots for you...)

Lake Canobolas.... Well I haven't ridden there yet but I'd put money on it being very good.

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Great place to ride.

Here's my plot from earlier in the year.

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There's still a big fence with locked gates around the Lake Canobolas tracks. And they're still a work in progress despite us racing on them weekly. Not sure when we'll get it opened at this stage, we want to make them schmicker first and put up proper signs. Probably a couple of months yet.

If you are around on new years day there'll be a social ride there, and you could find someone to ride elsewhere with too. Check back on our calendar for a time.

More Kinross info here:
The PDF is probably more useful and up to date than the kml.

The STM loop would be the pick of the tracks at Kinross as said above. If you want more don't do the southern loop, they're in bad condition and you'd get lost because of new moto tracks criss-crossing it. "Dually Andrews" is a decent option.


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pm remind me closer to the day, I might be up for a ride or may find another guide for you.

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