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WSMTB 4hr Summer Series Rnd 3

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 04 January 2015

Sunday, 22 February, 2015 - 08:00
4 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Wylde MTB Trail
Meeting Point: 

Wylde MTB Car park and Trail head is just off Elizabeth drive located next to the Sydney International (Cecil Park) Shooting Centre. The turn off can be found on the left 3km Due west from the M7 Motorway or on the right 600m Due East from Mamre Road.


The series will be running the following Categories and Costs:

Solo Men, Solo Women: $40

Pairs Men, Pair's Women, Pairs Mixed: $60 combined
Note for Mixed Pairs - the female rider must complete 1/3 of total number of laps.

Mixed Threes (at least one female rider required): $75 combined
Note that one female rider must complete 1/5 of the total number of laps.

Juniors Threes: $30 combined

NOTE: You need a MTBA license to enter (a Day Licence can be purchased online or on the day for $20)

Register Online:
Online entries close: 9pm, 18th of February.

It will be possible to register on the day between 7am and 7:30am Don't be late!, these entries will attract a $10 surcharge fee per rider. If wet weather is forecast in the lead up, the event will be relocated to Yellomundee. Please check the WSMTB Facebook group page for the most up to date announcements.

There will be a Coffee van and a great BBQ provided by our friends from the Kemps Creek Rural Fire Brigade.

REFUNDS: WSMTB will refund or transfer any payment if the race is cancelled or postponed.

Who's in?
GAZZA, hawkeye,, ChopStiR, hathill, Ian_A, Tristania, Pete B, Greatdane, xmas, C3PO (11 riders)
GAZZA hawkeye ChopStiR hathill Ian_A Tristania Pete B Greatdane xmas C3PO
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Bize Jumping into the deep end So I've owned my bike for nearly a month and I'm enjoying it so much I decide I should give racing ago. So what do I do? I enter an endurance race, 4 hour Solo. My friends tell me I'm crazy, but my thinking was I don't have to ride it like a "race...
ChopStiR My First 4hr Solo event I knew before the race even started how slippery the track could get. I got caught out in the rain while warming up for the first attempt at Wylde for the Round 1 race. But I wanted to race it anyway to see everyone sliding around for my own...

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hawkeye's picture

It looks like my prospective partner in crime has pulled up lame with some overuse injuries.

Anyone care to team up with another old fart for a pairs team? I'm far from quick at the moment, so if you're worried about not holding up your end in the team, don't be!

hawkeye's picture

I have a new pardner in crime Smiling

C3PO's picture

Hi folks, I'm thinking about this - anyone care to share prior experience?
Looks like it's about 1hr from Nth Beaches? Is the track very technical? does it get crowded? Good vibe? Is it a "hard" 4hrs, etc

hawkeye's picture

1 hr exactly from my place near Manly Dam.

Not really technical except for two Black obstacles that have B lines. One is a simple rollover that's pretty easy but id leave alone if damp, the other is the Rolly Polly A Line that has seen a few busted collarbones. I can see why.

Your hardtail will be perfect.

I LOVE this place. I did 3 laps and the trail just flows. Hardly have to use the brakes if you choose the right lines, which basically means enter the berms high and exit low.

My only criticism would be that the weeds have grown really high and overgrown into the trail, and obscure your view of the trail in a number of places. They need to do something about the Scottish Thistle before it overruns the place.

Come on out. You'll have a blast. Easier than Mt Annan, which I'd describe as "relentless". Here you can get a decent breather on the downhill bits.

C3PO's picture

Thanks heaps - might give it a crack.

Pete B's picture

I'm going to give this a crack, it'll be good training for Capital Punishment.

I'll also be riding it blind for the first lap as I've not had a chance to do a recce.

hawkeye's picture

Heard from a source that Rolly Polly will be taped off for the race. Good move I reckon - the kicker at the end of that obstacle would be likely to cause carnage in the race.

The weeds are gonna be trimmed as well.

Track is closed for works until 3:30pm tomorrow (Monday 16/2)

C3PO's picture

I'm in - looking forward to it. I'll take it as a 4hr endurance test rather than a race.

Brian's picture

With all my little niggles I find a place like this hard on my body even though it isn't technical.

Scottboy's picture

But it is an endurance track which drains your energy quicker than Mt Annan it's a great track for building your cardiovascular and leg strength .

Greatdane's picture

If it's to wet to ride at Wylde, what is Yellomundee like to ride, having never ridden their what's it like in comparison to Awaba and Ourimbah ?

Ian_A's picture

Shorter loop, rougher, less groomed but less climbing also. It's a tough track to race on for longer than a clubbie.

Ray R's picture

As at Thursday evening we are still "go" for Wylde on Sunday. We will update things on Friday evening. Keep an eye out here and also on the WSMTB Facebook page please.

Note that at Wylde, we will not be racing on Roly Poly - all riders will use the B Line there.

Western Sydney Parklands have done a fair bit of clearing between km 2 and 4 - but that still leaves some narrow track in the front 1.5km.

Ray R's picture

As of Friday evening we are still planning on Wylde - but from now on watch the WSMTB FB page pls.

C3PO's picture

WSMTB Facebook page says it's on at Wylde tomorrow.

Pete B's picture

Great race today, kudos to those who managed to stay upright on the first lap - possibly the slippiest conditions I've ever ridden in.

Once the track dried up, it's a great flowing track. I'll be back again soon!

Look forward to seeing the results later. Now time to clean the clay that has aet solid around the bottom bracket!

Edit: Thanks to Ray and the rest of the team for putting on a great event.

hawkeye's picture

At the 6km mark I pulled the pin as my bike was completely blocked up with mud and I was concerned about the damage being done to the track, not to mention the risk of crashing.

My team mate Grant went out ... and encountered hero dirt conditions. I'd just returned from cleaning my bike and was shocked to see no mud on his bike at all!

So i went out again and had two ripper laps. Wow that place is fun when it is dry!

But it started spitting rain again towards the end of lap two, and the track was instantly back to being super slippy, causing my hopes of beating Grant's sub-40 to be washed away.

I managed to keep the rubber side down, which not everybody did, so I was quite pleased about that. I lived to fight another day. Smiling Will post photos of my 20kg+ Scalpel when I can get to my laptop.

I had a lot of fun. This pairs thing works well. James Estate here we come Smiling

Pete B's picture

Prelim results up on WSMTB FB page.

Seems they had trouble with the timing equipment but positions and lap count is generslly good. See FB for details.

Happy with my result - 16th overall in solo male. Interesting to see what the class results are.

Greatdane's picture

How slippery the first lap was. Had to stop three times to manually remove truckloads of clay felt like I was riding a fat bike!.Glad I kept going as lap 2 was so much better, many thanks to the organisers and what a great track

C3PO's picture

Felt like riding on ice today. I stopped after the first lap. There were many times I had no chance of clipping in and had no control in a few parts of the trail. The mud was baked on that bad I struggled to pedal down hills.
Awesome trail and I'll defn go back for a ride when it's nice and dry.
Massive thanks to the organisers - despite the conditions it is a great event. Very friendly riders too.
I posted a photo in the gallery after my first and only lap.

hawkeye's picture

That would have been me. Took a huge amount of effort to get my bike back to rideabke condition. Lots of solo riders packed up and left, some after giving Ray Rice a serve about damage to the track at the 6km junction.

Ray was right though. The track did dry out and seemed to be rut free. There were some nasty braking bumps forming in a few spots. Blowed if I know why, you didn't need to brake in there Puzzled

Pete B's picture

It was definitely the right call. Yes, the first lap was carnage but after that it was great and very little track damage.

I'm sure a few people's bike took a bit of a beating but surely that goes with the territory or maybe people are too precious about their bikes?

Poor form by the guys having a go at Ray - no one forced them on the track. You could see within the first 100m it was going to be an ice scating rink.


 photo 20150222_144845_zps6trzi08d.jpg

all74's picture

Agreed it was the right call and TBH I just found the first lap a complete laugh. If you weren't trying to win and rode to the conditions if was perfectly safe. There seemed to be a huge difference between those who got stopped by the mud and continually lost traction and others. My bike (26inch Anthem racing ralphs 2.10s, running very low pressure as I forgot to pump them up) seemed to revel in the conditions, lots of mud build up but strangely good traction and the mud never effected my drive train a bit. Quick hose between laps and I was off again. I got the feeling that the wider the tyre in front of me the worse the traction, especially on little pinch climbs. 2nd Lap was another track entirely, the grip was incredible, with the clay (and it was clay, I fashioned a small pot while waiting in the cue for the hose)acting like glue holding my tyres to the track. Hopefully sets a precedent that not all wet racing is bad, horses for courses.

hawkeye's picture

Here's mine after lap 0.5.

Pete B's picture

That's a great amount of gunk you've collected there, John.

What rear tyre did you run? Seems that a thinner rear tyre was the go in this situation.

The above pic of my bike was after 4 hours and I honestly didn't stop once to clear mud from the frame.

hawkeye's picture

It's a 2.25 RaRa.

I don't think a narrower tyre would have helped, it would just have left room for more goop to accumulate between tyre and seatstay.

Maybe if I'd finished the lap i would have shed some - hindsight's a wunnerful thang Eye-wink

I had fun, I got to ride fast on a great track that all the quick boys cleaned off for me. I definitely got my money's worth. Smiling

Brian's picture

I narrow tyre is definitely better in those conditions. It gives more clearance and it also gets though the soft stuff to the harder ground easier.

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