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Mt Buller "shuttle" and time

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By Timoth - Posted on 27 February 2015

We're spending two weeks in Mt Beauty in March and want to head across to Mt Buller for a couple of days. As well as the trails on top of the hill, we'll ride the Epic trail. It sounds as though a few people on here have ridden there recently. Can anyone tell me if there is any way of getting back up to Mt Buller on a weekday? The "BlueDirt" shuttles only run on weekends. Also, how long does the Epic take to ride?

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The Epic is a proper ride. If you ride it from the top of Buller all the way to the bottom, its probably 3hrs. Might be more (dont know how fast you ride!) though. It is tough, but hugely rewarding.

My advice, if you cant confirm the shuttle, is to park at the bottom, and then ride the road up really slowly. Its an hours ride of not really any significant graded or steepness. doing at the start of the ride is 1000% better than doing it at the end of the ride!!

Re the shuttle - its worth calling "The Corner Shop" on Mnt Buller (the bike hire and coffee place) to check / confirm. They are really dialled in to everything.


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Thanks Ants. I'll follow up the Corner Shop. I'd be fine with the ride up, but would rather be using that energy on Misty Twist or similar.

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Have a look at the Mt Buller website It will give you all the info on the shuttle times and the number to call.

Or even better

I usually chat with the guys at All Terrain Cycles to find out the track conditions.


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