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Garmin gps file editor

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By Pete B - Posted on 28 February 2015

I went for a ride this morning and about 10km in, the garmin turned off. I pulled over, restarted it and carried on. When I got home the first part of the ride isn't recognized by the either the garmin or the the conputer. (It's a Garmin 810 so doesn't carry on from the same ride like the 500, it starts a new ride.) The rest of the ride uploads fine to Garmin Connect but won't sync with Strava. I've tried manually export both the gps and tcx files and uploading to Strava but it says there is a problem.

Can anyone recommend a good gps editor that may be able to sort the files out?

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Will work e.g. Notepad but you have to know what you're doing

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I don't know what I'm doing Sticking out tongue

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it's not a straight forward process but you could try starting here:

sounds like the file has been corrupted somehow (possibly end of file?) but it's a time consuming process to wade through....good luck! Eye-wink

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Thanks for the link. I'll have a look at editing tomorrow.

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This might be useful if you need to convert them for easier editing or viewing.

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do a google for golden cheetah app.
Saved corrupted files for me many times...

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IIRC Merkaartor was the one to go for. Primarily for OSM but can export stuff once you've edited it too.


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Thanks for all the links, gents.

I used the Golden Cheetah program, easy to use and worked a treat!

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