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Winter commuting jacket

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By Ian_A - Posted on 08 June 2015

Hey all,
I've been searching for a decent winter commuting jacket and I'm struggling to find something suitable.
I currently have a pretty expensive goretex hiking jacket that is great at stopping the wind but I get really hot and sweaty wearing it riding. Even with just a jersey underneath I get to work sweating like nothing else - even last week where my Garmin recorded -3.
I carry a stupidly big backpack with all my work gear in it but it is a Deuter one with the mesh stuff on a metal frame that gives some ventilation.
I'm after a fairly fitted jacket with zip ventilation in the chest/arm pits.
Anyone have any suggestions?

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A compression top (like a rashie) then a long sleeve running top then just a cycling rain jacket to keep the wind out. When I get warm I just open the zip a bit and let the icy air in. If it is 10 degrees or more I don't bother with this rain jacket.

If it is really cold like last week with 7 degrees, leggies.

That works for me. The key is a wind proof top to isolate from the wind chill.

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Yes, the compression base layers are the best.

Nike commbat pro (find them on sale for about $30) DHB do some OK ones for about $15 that are on sale now.

Legs, like the week before last (5-6 deg starts) can not go past something from Bontrager worn as a base layer under the nicks.

I rarely bother with a warm cycling jacket, unless its not going to get much above 8 as its really much too hot once you get moving and it gets above 10.

A cheap gilet over a baselayer and cycling top will do unless its cold and raining, then the ground effect storm trooper gets thought about.. then I just catch the bus!

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I bit the bullet and bought a new Gore-Tex Active cycling jacket from MD a while ago and it's a revelation compared to the Gore-Tex hiking jackets we're used to. The breathability is massive, to the point that I did the first leg of the Fling in it at race pace with barely any sweat inside.

I can't remember the model (flash maybe?) but I got it on sale for less than $200. My only concern would be if your backpack really is massive it may cause durability issues on the shoulders as it's a lightweight fabric. Worth having a look at

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I just bough this one:

It good, really nice quality but maybe a smidge too warm for all but the coldest of Sydney mornings (on the coast anyway).

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Ian, I've got the groundeffect Turbine. This is its second or third winter and it's my No 1 jacket for winter commuting. I pretty much wear it every commuting ride from May - September.

It cuts out most of the wind well, and the forearm zipped vents work well when it's a bit warm. I sweat a lot so I may wear one or two baselayers depending on how cold the day is. Not cheap, but GE gear is good quality...

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I'm with Pete, I spent the money on the ground effects jacket a few years back with the zipper sleeves, very functional and everything else peter said. I also have a bellweather jacket with removable sleeves, it doesn't manage heat as well as the Ground Effect but I use it as a vest often when its not quite cold enough and keep the sleeves in the pocket just in case.

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Thanks all,
I checked out most of them links, the GE looks good Pete.
I think I would still want zips in the arm pits or chest area to regulate temp.
My current jacket is light and blocks the wind perfectly but just gets too hot without ventilation. I'll keep looking.

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Ian, I use a Netti D3 or some such model. It's a rain jacket that has a detachable hood and the sleeves zip off to form a vest. It also has a mesh strip on the side of the front zip that lets air in. The good thing about the zip off sleeves is that you can undo the zipper a few inches and it opens up some unreal access points for air to get in.

If you want to borrow it for a few days let me know. It's a size XL in a lovely orange pallette.

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Thanks JP,
I didn't think of getting a convertible jacket and just opening the zips a bit.
The last week of 8 degree mornings were fine with 2 thermals and no jacket, it's the close to 0 mornings that get me.
I'll look into convertible jacket.

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I picked up a light Bontrager jacket at Nicks this morning less than half price. It seems perfect for the commute home.

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I bought this one;
Hopefully it's OK.

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