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Wylde MTB Park Update Please....

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By DONBABOULI - Posted on 28 June 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Has anybody heard any updates regarding the status of Wylde MTB Park, no updates since 22/6/2015...

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Facebook page says closed until further notice:

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Copied from there page

WYLDE ‪#‎MTB‬ Trail status : OPEN from Monday 29 June (Sunrise to Sunset)

The trail will be open from tomorrow to ride from sunrise to sunset. Please note that there has been some riding on the trail while it was closed. Riding while gates are closed is not expected as the trail requires time to dry out. There are some ruts on trail due to riding during last closure. Entering the trail when gates are closed is an offence and more importantly it causes damage to trail surface including Jump Run and Pump Track.
Closing of trail is required after rain to ensure no ruts are formed on tread path by riding, water can sheet across the path quickly and trail is ready to open earlier possible. Riding too soon after rain creates ruts and wrecks the ability of water to sheet across. Ruts trap water on tread path, clay becomes waterlogged and creates holes on trail.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation to maintain the trail in good condition for enjoyment of all visitors. (UM)

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