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Sydney Retailer 5.10 Shoes

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By betti154 - Posted on 21 September 2015

Hi Guys,

Am new to MTB and switching to platforms after some near misses on the clipless.

Having read a few reviews, I think I want to buy a pair of 5.10 MTB shoes.

Anyone know a Sydney store that stocks them? Would rather try them on for fit, rather than online.

Thanks, Damien

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Not sure about local retailers, but you might want to check that you have the multi directional release cleats (if your using SPDs) and turn the spring pressure right down. I find with these setting I don't even have to think about unclipping, my foot just come off.

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With the spring setting way low, you can always get out of the pedals in an emergency without thinking, which for me is more often than not.

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Can't fault five 10s with a decent platform.
I find that they run true to size.
Good luck

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Mine are half a size larger than I normally wear and are a snug fit in width. Best to try them on if you can find a shop which stocks them - and it would be nice to support the shop and buy them there also. I did buy mine second-hand off Ebay from someone who bought the wrong size but for the bargain price it was worth the chance.

I have 5.10s combined with Jetblack Superlights on both a dually and hardtail - they are a great combination and I never lose my footing regardless of how rough it gets even when pedalling.

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The grip of the rubber is hard to beat on flats and climbing Sydney sandstone on hike a bikes. Climbing shoe stickability.

My last purchase was from TBSM, not sure about more local north side.

From memory their sizing is about the same as Vans.

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I got some for my wife from northern beaches cycles at narrabeen they stock them

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Thanks for the advice.

I will give TBSM a try. I'm a US13 with wide foot, so right on the limit of their sizing I think. they don't have the Freeride

I'd be happy to buy local but does seem tricky to get what you want, not as bad as dive gear though.

thanks, ds

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Good to know!

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