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NoBMoB xmas ride

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By sikllama - Posted on 03 December 2015

Sunday, 20 December, 2015 - 07:30
2.5 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it has rained on this trail today, I won't be there.
Ride Database Entry: 
Terrey Hills / Duffys Forest
Meeting Point: 

Park opposite/beside Terrey Hills shops, corner Booralie Rd/Yulong Ave. Or in the small carpark next to the RFS station & community centre.

-33.682365, 151.227937 (Terrey Hills Shops)

Its on again ladies and germs - last year's ride saw sunny skies and lots of smiles (no red mankini's in sight), be a part of it.

A casual ride through Ku Ring Gai national park starting at Terrey Hills and traversing along Perimeter and Long trails and return via some sweet muppety st ives singletrail (see what I did there). An option for either a 22 or 45km round trip is offered, there are always plenty of people doing either distances so you won't be alone whichever distance you choose.

Last year we we had a couple of young blokes show the oldies how it's done, BlackFlash donned some very impressive antlers (which didn't slow him down at all), and everyone had a great ride.

See you there.

Who's in?
Heckler, Lach, hawkeye, GiantNut, naz, Fatboy, cambo, spindog, Sasco, pancakes, Tristania, danielschipper, Black Flash, ahein, sikllama, Mojo Ridin, Shtark, judoka, Jamesy, Pyrate, hank, L8starter, The Green Hornet (23 riders)
Heckler Lach hawkeye GiantNut naz Fatboy cambo spindog Sasco pancakes Tristania danielschipper Black Flash ahein sikllama Mojo Ridin Shtark judoka Jamesy Pyrate hank L8starter The Green Hornet
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p2tx8's picture

I will take a friend with me

danielschipper's picture

Had a broken wrist this time last year so wasn;t able to be there. Keen to ride this year though!

Black Flash's picture

Don't forget to sport some tinsel... Or bells...
Just no mankini's, my eyes are still sore from that blokes decision of riding attire.

Fatboy's picture

Looking forward to it!

Unlike danielshipper I do have broken bones but they have stopped clicking as I breathe so that means I can ride again doesn't it?Smiling

Black Flash's picture
pancakes's picture

Everyone's OK with moving this to Saturday so I can make it, right? Laughing out loud

hawkeye's picture

Just change all the clocks, calendars, and computers back by 24 hours. Best to start now so the people in your family won't notice.

Let us know how it works out Smiling

Tristania's picture

I think too many of my rides this year have been overly focussed on me smashing myself to pieces. Looking forward to enjoying the company of other nobmobbers for a change at a nice casual pace!

Shtark's picture

It's about time I put some faces to (nick)names and rode some of these trails that I've never got around to. Will be there with bells on (literally, hopefully).

Black Flash's picture

Shaping up to be a cracker of a morning!

Fatboy's picture

So no snakes about @blackflash? Smiling

Black Flash's picture

Apparently I ran over a Flexi stick last weekend... As usual didn't see it, but the rider behind saw the whole show...
I have seen some very large pythons out on PLT. Awesome creatures!

sikllama's picture

Looks like a decent sized group and fine conditions forecast again this year Smiling See everyone Sunday morning!

Lach's picture

.. I've got a big family Christmas Party on. Gotta drive to Picton for lunch, so will not have to time to do the ride and stay married. Enjoy it and Merry Christmas to all......

sikllama's picture

I knew you couldn't make it last year because of the same reason...isn't that what xmas day is for? Eye-wink

With a 0730 start this year you'd be back at the shops just after 9am if you just did the out and back, plenty of time to get home then to Picton for lunch...

Fatboy's picture

I'm bringing a +1 also.

Lach's picture

you're right. I'm in for the short version.

pancakes's picture

Ok f*ck it. I've rearranged my life around fun for once instead of life normally getting in the way of fun.

Tristania's picture

Are there places to refill en route? Really don't want to carry a Camelbak on such a humid day if I can avoid it but nor do we want to dehydrate for the same reason.

pancakes's picture

* If the long ride is going back via the shops, then yes. There's a tap in the park opposite. If you can last 3/4 there's taps at StIves showground.

sikllama's picture

@tristania the first opportunity to refill a bottle would probably come around the 20k mark (Long version doesn't go via the shops) when we hit some bitumen for a short while, just find a tap in a front yard. Both versions of this ride really are 85% off road.

I normally try and ride sans camelback as well though I'm bringing it tomorrow.

p2tx8's picture

I was hoping for this flu to not knock me over. But it was stronger than I thought.
Have fun everyone!

GiantNut's picture

Thanks for the ride peeps - very enjoyable and now totally knackered. Enjoy the holidays everone

danielschipper's picture

Thanks for the ride guys! Always good to meet new people and discover new trails.

See you out on the trails!

hawkeye's picture

That was fun. I think... I'm smashed. Smiling

Pete B's picture

Glad you all had a good time. I had planned to come along but had too much beer last night so didn't want to risk driving to the meet point this morning.

Any pics?

Black Flash's picture

Great day! I'm cooked... I'll post some pics later tonight when I get the chance.
Cheers Rob for organising.

Pyrate's picture

Really fun ride. Glad I bailed early before it got REALLY hot. Lovely to meet so many NobMobbers! Hope you all have a great Christmas!

Fatboy's picture

Great day out. Thanks for the ride guys, thanks for the pic's Tristan and thanks Rob for organising such a great day out. I think 26 riders pretty much qualifies as an event!

I thought I was being smart wearing a sleeveless jersey in the heat. I'm now sitting here while my wife sprays aloe vera on my blistering shoulders....

Merry Christmas to all.

sikllama's picture

Thanks to everyone for coming along and making it a great ride this morning - I reckon the perimeter and long section this morning was the most fun and relaxed ride I've had all year Smiling

The heat arrived during the second half of the ride and with a flat and a lost rider we ran out of time to do the advertised k's but nonetheless muppets / larool were in great condition and a good way to finish off - apart from my clipping a tree at the exit of Larool and having an unscheduled lay down Smiling

See you next year!

Mojo Ridin's picture

Thanks for organising this Rob and to Tristan for the pics. Great as always to get out there and have a blast with you all and meet some new riders. Look forward to seeing you out there.

Big thanks as well to Pyrate for loaning me his spare gloves… pretty smart of me to get a lift to the meet point and realise I didn’t have my gloves. I’ll send you a PM and get them back to you this week.

ahein's picture

Thanks everyone for the ride it was a great morning out and was good to meet a few new people. Thanks to siklama for organising and I hope everyone gets lots of bike treats under their Christmas tree

Lach's picture

.... sort of glad I didn't get to do the longer ride as it was pretty hot already by the time I got back to Terrey Hills. Amazed at the number of riders both out on the trail and on roadies on MV road, but I don't get out much in the early mornings!

Lach's picture

.... up to the Ryland Track? It's a bugger of a hill and I usually go around via Sandy and Larool, rather than wear out my bike shoes walking up all that loose sandstone scrabble.

hawkeye's picture

34 degrees along that last section, and I got lost and took a big detour

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