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4 x sub 28min laps

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By Japhnet - Posted on 20 December 2015

19 Dec 15
Manly Dam 2 Laps

After the temperature finally went down a few degrees, I drove out to Manly for this weeks XC hit-out.

I tried to maintain a pretty consistent pace, knowing I was doing 4 laps. Turns out I got my pacing pretty spot on and managed to finish all 4 laps in sub 28 mins - my last two laps were even fractionally faster than the first two.

Feeling pretty happy with my training in the last couple of months. I've been doing the spin classes with Tani at Fitness First in Mosman, where they have the spin bikes with the built in power meter. The classes have made a huge difference and training with the power meter has kept my honest in each session. Even my technical skills are improving and I'm having fewer silly little crashes.

Looking to get myself a road bike as a Christmas present and start joining some longer group rides.

Strava link below:


Andrew O'Neill

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Kudos - that would not be easy to do

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