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Canberra this weekend

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By shane2493 - Posted on 07 January 2016

Hi all Canberra people
I am heading down from newy this arvo after work to visit a non-mountain biking mate.
What has the weather been like down there this week? I've always wanted to check out stromlo or sparrow hill, is it worth bringing the bike, given the amount of rain we have had lately?

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There hasn't been too much rain so far and it's predicted to be mainly sunny for the rest of the week. Stromlo holds up well in the wet so it should be good to go. Here's a link to the Stromlo web site:

Not sure what Sparrow Hill is like at the moment, but it should be ok too, here's a link to the SP web page:

Maybe check before you head out to make sure nothing is going on at either location, Stromlo can get busy sometimes as it's a multi-user facility.


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Sweet thanks for the info. I will check out the websites before heading off. Appreciate it.

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I've been down in Canberra for the last 2 days. Rode Stromlo yesterday and Kowen/Sparrow today, both are good to go.

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