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Angry birds

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By hawkeye - Posted on 07 March 2016

I thought magpies were a threat...

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At least it's going downhill. Wouldn't much rather have a magpie chasing me!

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would someone give that poor bird a Red Bull Smiling

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LOL @Hawkeye. Sooo appropriate for you.

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Laughing out loud

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lots of emus on the thredbo valley trail,and last year at bungarra had a pair of the brainless buggers "stuck"in the little skills loop.they could have just stepped over the car tires that are the boarders of the trail but the stupid things ran round and round,over the jumps and almost over the seesaw,10 minutes of this and they stumbled out by accident,it was pretty amusing

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and can't seem to find their way out of the skills circuit go and stand of to one side, outside of the skills loop. Stand tall with your arms up and waving above your head and start making an audible clicking sound. They are stupid, but also very inquisitive and they will come over to where you are, then just get back on your bike and ride.

Kit, formerly known as Emu.

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so clicking noises,not squealing brake noises?haha ive fed them before,and the chicks are very cute,but i wouldnt want to piss one off!

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but if it is squealing brake noise then clearly your hands are not above your head, they are on your Avid levers. The noise is just to get our attention. We are curious little buggers and once we see something we then want to wander over and see that thing that looks like us is waving it's head around so much for. Hence, we'll come over and have a look.

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