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Mont 24, now don't need 2 riders ASAP

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By pancakes - Posted on 22 March 2016

We needed 2 riders ASAP to make it happen. Even 1 will do...

Seriously middle of the field contenders looking for another 1 or 2 riders. Male, female, non gender specific...we're not fussy.

Even better if you're over 40 as you'll get the jokes and understand the pop culture references. Even more better if you're fast and can drag down our average lap times.

Team orders consist of:

a) Don't be a dick,

2) Have a rider on track at all times (slick transitions, no transition out of your sleeping bag in camp),

iii) Don't crash. It wastes time and you're letting your team mates down.

ps. Pancakes and bacon will be supplied. Consumption compulsory.

Let me know ASAP!

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Team of 4 or 6? What are the dates?

I have lights but need to replace tired batteries.

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Just do it John.

Saturday week.

Order those batteries now.

I'm in ... dropper post and all Smiling

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Over 40? Tick.

Don't be a dick? Erm...

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Good luck. If you'd asked 2 weeks ago I'd have signed up. Instead I'm joining my 28y.o brother and his 28y.o mates. Slight issue is that I'm 14 years older, so I doubt I'll be understanding their pop culture references, and doubt I'll be troubling their laptimes.

First Mont.

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On re-reading the post I realise I should have put a disclaimer on the "you'll get the jokes" comment.

*You may not actually get the jokes.

Hawkeye, I'll be in touch!

jubaeg, bummer dude. If you need a Men's Shed type getaway where you can talk to like minded individuals and reconnect with your gen x self come find us.

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There are some riders looking for teams on the website

What is the course like for single speeders?

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Historically there have been a few teams competing in that category each year.

Looking at what I have on my plate at work getting to this event and recovering afterwards might be a challenge this year.

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Let me know ASAP Hawkeye. Sent you an sms. Eye-wink

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Not too bad. I'll take my ss but don't know if I'll use it. I'm pretty unprepared lol.

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Im late 40s probably wont drag your average times down but can hopefully keep up, am not normally a dick, never intend to crash and like pancakes.

Let me know if you still need someone

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having pancakes & bacon served would make this worth while. Unfortunately Ive retired from racing & I'll be away anyway. Good luck. I love this kind of format.

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And then there were 6.

Should be fun! Fingers crossed for good weather.

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