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MTB and trail running - Canberra

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By andrewthommo - Posted on 25 March 2016


Could anyone give me a pointer on a good trail in Canberra -

My fiancee is a trail runner and I will be riding my Mountain Bike.

Which trails wold you suggest so that we can run/ride together or in close proximity - without too much mtb traffic if we are on the same track!?


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How far do you want to run ride?

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Distance isnt that important, we can always do repeats of sections...

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Give me a buzz

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I'm sure you can sure answer it here...

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Consider Bruce Ridge. Rode there least week; great trails, it's beautiful and it's fairly well signposted. Lots of singletrack as well as fire roads. Would be suitable for riding and running I reckon. It's close to the CBD and if you are looking for accom, Alivio tourist park is located right next door.

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That sounds perfect!

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