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heads up ... the tathra enduro

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By the pedaling donkey - Posted on 05 May 2016

Hey all,
heads up

Of late me has spent a chunk of time on the far far far nsw south coast
Coming up mid june on the long weekend is there mtb enduro race,

I have pedalled there a heap of times and despite the numerous hellos to snakes, wallabies many goannas' and one echidna ( how good is mountain biking ) just cant get enough of the single track,

Ill let you guys suss it all out, but i can tell you it is a sweet lil spot where you do your session and within shuffling distance is beers, burgers and crystal clear waters at the beach

here some links
or see what flow magazine has to say

### i have nothing to do with the event just a punter who loves the area ###

cheers josh

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Sounds awesome I need an excuse to get back down that way, have you done any of the race's I am curious about the difference between the 50 & 75 aside from the obvious kms does the 75 get extra single-track?

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Hey commandokamikaze,
Sadly not as yet i havn't done the actual race / enduro
( but this year i hope to volunteer in someway )

50km strava link

75km strava link

the 50 kay race

stage 1 "start loop", road & fire-trail approx 8km'
(i would imagine that eliminates a massive amount of any traffic jam when you hit the single track )

stage 2 "bundadung" loop huge amount of singletrack
im no expert but would describe it as more peaky climbs & descents aspect of race
cross the main road into
stage 3 "fireshed" loop huge amount singletrack more undulating flowy
cross the main road again
stage 4 your offically back on the bundadung side making your way back to start/finish event centre flatish then easing downhill

the 75 kay race
as above but
stage 5
another loop of "bundadung"

any other questions, fire away happy to help
cheers josh

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Thanks Josh,

If the misses can get the long weekend off work I am there! Just tossing up between the 75 & the 50 at the moment. Might catch you there!

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