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By david@dmsavage.... - Posted on 24 May 2016

Hey everyone. Looking at riding the trails down at Wingello with a group of kids (10-16 year olds). Some novice, some quite experienced. Have never ridden them myself. Any comments on particularly the yellow and red trails? Degree of difficulty, time taken to ride each (assume novice here), elevation gained (and lost!) on each one...Want to try and make it a memorable experience for them and encourage them to get out and ride more often. Some have ridden Oakes and other trails in blue mountains and some are regulars at Hornsby MTB trail.
Any comments greatfully received. Cheers.

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Yellow is mostly firetrails with some steep bits(similar to Oaks except not as long)

Red is the one to go for, mix of really nice flowy singletracks and some firetrail bits, it might take 1.5-2hrs for novice to do the loop's picture

Great and thanks for your comments and coming back to me so soon.

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