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Shimano GP 4hr at Ourimbah

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By bmar560 - Posted on 25 June 2016

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Shimano MTB GP Round 4 - Ourimbah
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The last time I rode Ourimbah was 2 years ago for the same race.
Today was freezing cold, but somehow that made me less fatigued.

Enjoyed every single lap. I finished 2 seconds after the 4 hr mark, if I didn't go for a toilet break after the 1st lap I would've had time to do a 7th lap.

Coming in at 9th place for my age category(30-39) I was stoked, best results in a race so far !

I really need to learn to descent faster though, I was able to overtake guys when the trail goes up up but on the way down the guys I overtook would overtake me Sad

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We should ride together; I overtake people downhill but get overtaken up hill. Improve both our race times for next time Smiling

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Well done! The problem with descending fast at Ourimbah is that thin line between fast and ambulance. A mate of mine on lap 1 jumped a rock with a blind landing, front wheel hit a rock and splat... He was very luck not to be taken out on a stretcher but really that could happen in so many places.

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I do alright going up hills for an old fart but not so good going down. At least not the first time around.

Bummed I missed this race. Too many late nights this week and still had to work Saturday. Sad

Hopefully I'll be free for the final round.

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I saw a couple of injured rides which seemed quite serious as the first aid crew and Martin was on-site to look after them. This was at the roller coaster section, hopefully they're OK.

Also I'm loving the 1x11 XT drivetrain that I recently installed with a 34t wolf tooth narrow-wide chainring. Very quiet and never felt I needed that big or small ring.

Bigger balls is what I need to go down the hill faster Smiling

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