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Shopping Trials

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By Rob - Posted on 15 June 2008

You know you're addicted when...

... you're walking round the shops with the GF and notice the display tables & cases are all different heights and cramped together without much room between them. You begin to ponder how hard the display would be to ride through/around/over.

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That is a sign of the addiction but then again, when shopping with the GF I'm always thinking of something else. And yes, she notices Smiling

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Nothing wrong with that. Smiling

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but from experience don't get caught looking at "something" else

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I have always wanted to break into a Westfield at night and go nuts riding around...

In fact the Mac Centre near Macquarie Uni would be awesome for an "indoor" race... bottom to top using the ramps and back down via the stairs!!


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Why dont we post up some urban rides? Through the city, down stairs etc etc... Laughing out loud

or indoor rides as Lance pointed out Sticking out tongue

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In Oxford, the sport of mountainbiking is non-existant. It its place we have the thrilling... PEDESTRIAN SLALOM!

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