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STOLEN - Specialized Epic Expert 2012

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By dougm111 - Posted on 20 November 2016

What a day. Help a seriously injured fellow MTB rider who had to be taken by ambulance out of Mt Narra only to then have my bike stolen from my unit balcony (4m up) at Manly whilst drying after a post ride wash. The theft happened between 2pm and 11pm. Very brazen theft considering my balcony faces a major busy road with high pedestrian activity.

The first photo is the original bike the second includes most of the upgrades minus the XTR brakes.

Details as follows

• New XTR brakes with 205/180 Shimano Ice-tech rotors
• Carbon (Chinese) wheels with red Novatec hubs and red spoke nipples
• XTR pedals
• Upgraded FOX Brain Custom IV Rear Shock with auto-sag. Red anodised cap on air valves.
• Blackspire chain rings/KMC chain
• Jet Black under seat tool case containing tube and CO2
• Frame and forks are fully covered in frame skin
• Left top chain stay has a “MOUNTAHOLICS” sticker on it.
• Garmin GPS mount on stem
• NOTE: Front derailleur shifter failed on last ride prior to theft so is jammed on big ring.

If you see this bike riding around the northern beaches area or advertised anywhere please contact Doug on 0419 887 558.

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List it on - they'll send some tips/info that may be worthwhile. They also post to social media/facebook


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Mate, hope Karma prevails and they catch the scumbags and you get your ride back. Thanks for helping my buddy out btw, hopefully on the road to recovery!

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good to hear your mates OK. Thanks for the tips guys, will list it stolenbikes. Just waiting for cops to come over now to check it all out.


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Has to come your way now. It wasn't quite the way we thought we'd finish a decent ride. Great response from the emergency service crew, albeit a little over serviced... Also glad the downed rider is currently getting looked after by the right people.
It's time to buy a lotto ticket. The universe owes you...

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If the dirtbag sees it, it will be removed from the bike and your hopes of recovery and a successful prosecution will be dashed.

Make sure you file a Police report and give that info to the cops.

If it turns up in a secondhand good store like Cash Converters, it wll be recovered, and that scumbag store chain will be out of pocket for the cash.

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Police report all done. Just waiting for them to come over to inspect the scene.

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Sorry to hear Dougie - scumbags

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Will keep an eye out.

What section of trail did the rider have the big off at Mt Narra, if you don't mind me asking? That place is getting so popular nowadays, I see everything from full blown DH rigs to dudes with 120mm XC bikes. Not to mentions a few Dad's out there with the kids.

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I presume hit the second one pretty fast which kicked the rear up and went OTB's. He's fine though with just some deep lacerations and broken nose.

120mm XC...what a luxury. We were on 100mm XC Smiling but then so was the gent that crashed so perhaps that says something.

Personally, I haven't been there for about 4 or 5 years. I recall walking more than riding last time, so I can see why its been getting busier now.

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at deewhy is worth alook.when i lived in deewhy some years back there were some pretty dodgy characters about and bikes turning up in that shop regualary

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