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Clarification on trails west of Wakehurst

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By nick_palmer - Posted on 13 January 2017

Hi forum

I'm after some clarification on whether the trail(s) that lead from the bottom of the bantry bay firetrail down to Seaforth oval are legal or not.

The signs at Seaforth oval call this the engravings trail, which I have read on this forum as being closed for a couple of years now (when Serrata/Ghania were built) - but it seems like this refers to the trail that used to start towards the top of the fire trail, by the actual engravings site.

Anyone able to confirm?


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All the trails entrances accessible from the western side of the Wakehurst Parkway fire trail are out of bounds. Please honour the agreement with NPWS and stay off them. Our credibility and chance of getting additional trails is put at risk by people continuing to ride there. (Specialized Chatswood, I'm looking at you.)

The Engravings Trail entrances have had cameras on them for some time. The exit used to be through where that Chinese-owned development site is now growing weeds.

The Gahnia trail heading southeast, accessible from the fire trail running off the southwestern corner of the soccer pitches at Bantry Bay (Grattan Crescent) is legit if you have the skills to ride it (I don't). It exits onto the Wakehurst Parkway fire trail south of the closed Engravings Trail entrance.

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Are you upset about additional trails heading into possums?

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Possums and KC are *east* of the wakehurst parkway fire trail, and not on NPWS-managed land.

Well, to be more accurate they run off the eastern side of Bantry Bay Road into the strip of RMS road reserve between BB road and Wakehurst Parkway.

I'm just saying to anyone who may be looking at this thread, don't be a selfish moron and continue to ride the closed Engravings Trail, you are seriously setting back trail advocacy that has taken almost a decade of effort if you do. The good news is almost everyone seems to be heeding this request.

Riding Gahnia is also, of course, perfectly fine. However it *exits* onto the Wakehurst Parkway fire trail. The *entrance* runs off the fire road as described above. It is a one-way trail.

Making sense now I hope Smiling?

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Yes thanks

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I don't think the trail referred to by the OP is the Engraving trail single track that exits on to the housing development. Rather it is the walking trail that starts at the southern terminus of the Wakehurst Pwy fire trail and that takes you to Bantry Bay Oval. it

This trail is a walking trail and therefore probably illegal to ride. but I don't think it has any of the sensitivities of going over/near engravings.

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If you're talking about what is basically the continuation of the fire trail from the gate at the end of Bantry bay road, running parallel to Wakehurst Parkway and exiting at Seaforth oval, then I think that is not a particularly sensitive bit of trail, although as said above it probably is designated a walking trail.

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Ah, my bad. Of course you're right Gareth. I misread that completely.

I have a thought that the trail may actually be a continuation southwards of the fire trail, simply overgrown, but would need to confirm. I would also expect there to be far fewer sensitivities about riding it. From memory, erosion gullies did make it a bit of a pain to ride, but that was quite some time ago.

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I have not been back for about 6 months but there was a no bike sign at seaforth oval for the trail that heads north along wakehurst parkway. There is no sign going the other way if you turn right at the exit from Ghania.

So if this is the trail your referring too it's a bit of a grey area.

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Thanks for the replies everyone.
I am indeed referring to the trail that continues from the bottom of BB fire road. And from these posts it look like I am not alone in being a bit unclear about it.

There is actually a split about half way along with the left split a short path up to the parkway (opposite the road that leads to the bowlo) and the right split heading down a gully and then to Seaforth oval (which is as you say Hawkeye is full of erosion gullies).

If you take that left split then this track allows you to get back to North Balgowlah from Possums . Gahnia etc without having to go back down the parkway death trap. No signs either end either. But looks like I should reconsider riding this bit.

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Ride the sh#$T out of it before they widen the parkway and flatten that whole awesome section from Warringah Rd to Seaforth Eye-wink

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that will be a few decades away. I'll be on my mobility scooter well before then. Sticking out tongue

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Fingers crossed but the way things have been going lately it's looking like a sooner rather than later possibility ☹️.

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Whoa there Nellie, won't we all be thrashing about on electric mtbs by then with active suspension, ABS and traction control? No mobility scooters for this generation mate.

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Scooters etc...pfft!

Better have my bloody hoverboard by then, science!

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