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4 days in Thredbo

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By commandokamikaze - Posted on 13 February 2017

Hi all,

I am heading down to Thredbo this week with with half a dozen of the boyz for our first ever Thredbo trip and we are trying to figure out the best way to spend 4 days down there. We're all riding trail/all mountain rigs and don't mind some pedaling but with that said we really want to ride the best trails down there is 4 days riding the chairlift excessive or just what the doctor ordered? If you only had 4 days to ride down there would you spend it all riding in the resort or is it worth exploring Jindabyne and surrounds? Also any worthwhile backcountry rides would be of interest, I have a mate who reckons he's not going to waste money on lift tickets and just ride up the mountain is he an idiot or is this doable??
Any advice is appreciated.
thanks in advance


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... with 4 days of lift assisted riding. To mix it up, I'd look at doing the valley trail down to Lake Crackenback - nothing challenging, but great scenery. You can ride back up as well, or do a car shuttle. There is an XC loop around the lake as well.

For back country rides, Cascades Hut out along the fire trail from Dead Horse Gap, a tough climb over Bob's Ridge and back, but the water bars coming down are pretty fun. And you might see a brumby... or if you want a real epic have a look at riding from Smiggins down to Guthega power station, over Shlink Pass and down to Geehi Dam. A nice 25 km of downhill fire road once you get over the main range. Last time I did it, the road in from the Alpine Way to the dam was closed, so we had an unexpected extra 25 km of undulating fire road to deal with and a disgruntled shuttle driver. A few nice huts to see along the way.

Then there's Jindabyne....

And you'd have to be a real mountain goat to ride up to the top at Thredbo. I've ridden / walked about a third of the way up but it's not something I'd do again....

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