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Rockshox Reba Pushloc to Crown Manual lockout

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By fh6162 - Posted on 15 February 2017

Hi, I currently have a Handlebar Pushloc fitted to my 2012 Rockshox Reba Forks of course it doesnt work so I want to fit a Manual lockout to the top of my fork so my question is do I need to buy

1. a new Damper "and" the Manual lockout kit ( blue knob) or

2. just the Blue Knob Manual Lockout Kit

the reason I'm asking I've read, its just a matter of removing the damper from within the fork, unclipping the spring from inside and then screwing back together and then fitting the mew " Manual Blue knob kit" to the top and voila its a manual lockout ?

I'm a bit unsure what parts I actually need to order and there seems to be a few hundred dollars in the 2 options...apologies if I have confused the question


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On my 2015 Reba, I removed the handlebar mount, unclipped the spring in the damper and put it back together.
I just turn the old knob on top of the damper if I want to lock it out.
Didn't buy anything.

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