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Port to Port MTB Stage Race - Entry giveaway here!

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By Rob - Posted on 24 February 2017

Entries now closed!

Win a complimentary ride entry into the 2017 Port to Port MTB race, May 25 - 28, valued at $440!

Port to Port MTB is one of the nation’s premium MTB stage races. A chance to experience some of the incredible tracks and trails we have in our backyard. OK - well, Newcastle's backyard, but it's not that far Eye-wink

The kind folks at Port to Port MTB Stage Race have given us a complimentary entry into this year's event to do with as we please.

While they suggest this could be auctioned off or used personally by an admin fairy I thought a more appropriate use would be to simply offer this entry to the community in a lottery.

If you would like to take part in this lottery simply comment (once or more, but multiple comments will not increase your chance of winning) on this thread before midnight on Sunday 23 April 2017 (AEST). The winner will be chosen at random the following day to give them plenty of time to register. NB: public registrations close May 23 so if you don't win but will still like to enter there's plenty of chance to do so.

NB: This is a multi-day MTB stage race. Please be sure you are able to complete the course and are able to meet other logistical requirements (transport, accommodation, meals and other incidentals are NOT included) before entering.

See the attached Ts&Cs from the event organiser.

... and good luck! Smiling

ride_entry_giveaway_terms_and_conditions.pdf166.95 KB
Ian_A's picture

Wow, first to comment and throw my hat in Smiling

Pyrate's picture

Pick me pick me!!!

stephen's picture

Rad prize, thanks for sharing!!

chrischris's picture

If I win, I promise to give it to person who comments next...
(because I volunteered for 4 days, I've got a free entry anyways). Smiling

DudeistPriest's picture

Thanks in advance chrischris

ahein's picture

Wow what a great prize for any mountain biker. Thanks

Black Flash's picture

Might force me to train more!

N76's picture

+1 Thanks champ!

Tristania's picture

That's one way to ensure you get comments on a post!

Fatboy's picture

I wouldn't begrudge the administrators of this fantastic community forum taking this awesome prize and enjoying the benefit for themselves!

Lach's picture

... but I suspect it would take a petition with plenty of names on it to send it back to the admins now that they've put it on the table. Having said that, I'm in for the raffle if it's on!

hawkeye's picture

Looks like a lot of fun. I'm even back to riding multiple days in a row so I may just survive the full number of stages... and live to write about it Sticking out tongue

nh's picture

I hope it doesn't sell out before I don't win the draw

staffe's picture

It'd be great to save 440 buckaroos in entry fees!

andrewthommo's picture

Count me in for the draw, thanks!

hank's picture

I better start training just in case....

bmar560's picture

in for the draw

MarkkyMarkk's picture

If I win this entry, I'll promise to come last in the event.

shano's picture

Well of course I would like one!

BT's picture

Pick me, pick me!

(If you want to see an idiot on an enduro bike in an XC race Smiling)

Dicko's picture

...and if I don't win I am going anyway ! Fantastic Event !

skipper_nz's picture

sounds like a stupid idea, put my name down for an entry!

Hasbeen Racing's picture

Sounds like a great race.

Volker's picture

Sounds awesome! At least I don't need to think about the next event then Eye-wink.

xmas's picture

... so a free entry would definitely see me on the start line

doc's picture

Have enjoyed the coverage of this event to date and looks great.....would love to give it a go

adski's picture

Great odds here, I'll take time off work to ride this one

fh6162's picture

Youve gotta be in it to win it

fh6162's picture

Youve gotta be in it to win it

sly_artichoke's picture

Can you stop twisting my arm behind my back.
Thank you.

pancakes's picture

Looks like an opportunity for a fund-raiser.

Personally I'm lukewarm on the prospect of the ride (looks like a pain fest to me), but I'll auction it off to the highest bidder with proceeds to a worthy charity. Something youth orientated I'm thinking.

justabuzz's picture


GarethP's picture

Sounds like fun!

gfree's picture


Antsonline's picture

...but if I win, I will change that.

jp's picture

... I have to put my hand up too. Looks like a great event.

Faber's picture

This is one race that has been in my bucket list for a long time.

Good luck everyone!

Carlos's picture

I just rode 145km on the road bike today and need to do more mountain biking...

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