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Wollombi Wild Ride 2017

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By Lach - Posted on 02 September 2017

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After having to cancel a long road trip to WA to do the Cape to Cape (going via Alice Springs, the Pilbara and the Coral Coast), I decided to revisit the Wollombi Wild Ride after a few year's absence. Signed up for the Long version (58km).
Beautiful morning light on the foggy Hawkesbury on the way up - almost stopped for a photo, but I was running late. 4C at Wollombi on arrival. Gambled on the fog lifting quickly and the day warming up and went with a short sleeved jersey with sleeveless undershirt. Regretted it hugely while trying to do a warm up ride and for the first 20 minutes, but then there's that hill.
Warmed up nicely on that while drifting back in the field, as my inability to drag 105kg up anything really steep kicked in again. Once over the top, I was passing people for the rest of the day. Some of the track along the ridge tops had been graded recently, so there was less sandpits at the bottom of the hills, but the overall surface was very dry and loose. Thought I had a flat rear tire a couple of times as it cut through the thin crust and wallowed in the loose sand underneath. A decent thunderstorm will see it all down at the bottom of the hills again. Saw my second snake for the season.
Took a couple of minutes more than the last time I did it (when I was a mere super master), but managed 46th overall (out of 109) and 3rd in the over 60's (out of 7). My first podium, but I left before presentations!! They were running behind schedule, and I had a birthday party to get to.....

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I didn't even notice this race still ran. I did the first one and it was quite fun.

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