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Tracks for kids Northern beaches

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By Bmod - Posted on 23 September 2017

My sons (6,9yrs) have been loving possums for the last few weeks and we want to explore some other tracks.

Anyone got some suggestions?

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St Ives single track and Muppets is a good option. It runs along the northern side of Monavale Rd. Start at the fruit and veg shop and head towards the show ground and out the other side.

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Do you mean the shop at the end of forrest way?

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Not northern beaches, but H2O at Westleigh is great with kids.

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Yeah the shop at the end of Forestway. You'll see an obvious entrance about 150 metres west of the intersection, you can't miss it. It's one of the few beginner friendly trails on the beaches.

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Thanks, we'll get exploring this weekend!

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There is also the track running between Bantry Bay rd and Wakehurst Parkway. My 10 year old son really enjoys this. Not too steep with some adventurous terrain eg creek bridge crossing, very small jumps etc. Best to get the kids confidence up on simple tracks first.

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