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Any NobMob Final Flingers?

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By all74 - Posted on 10 November 2017

Going down for my final half fling (I'd been building up to the full, but too last I guess).

I always like how the organizers try to instill a sense of fun in these events, with themes Rolloff, kids races etc.

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.... biggest field I can remember in the Grand Masters (60+) - 34 blokes. Looking forward to seeing what the tracks tweaks indicated on the web site look like and being part of the whole "vibe" one last time. Not going to be down there early enough for another crack at the Rolloff however.... Sad

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Was a great weekend. The kids race was much better by all accounts as it was the first one I’d seen. I missed the Rolloff as no one seemed to know where it was.. The half Fling felt like my best ever but my time was so so. I’ve done the last 5 and will definitely miss it next year. I noticed the great grand masters had one competitor and one winner. Hope for us all!

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