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Got close shaved on McCarrs by worlds dummest driver

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By GiantNut - Posted on 25 February 2018

So guy close shaves me today on McCarrs then gives me the finger to ensure i knew it was deliberate. So if it was in a Ford Ranger or Holden Ute probably hard to find the wanker but this genius does it in a Burgundy Citroen station wagon. I am thinking there are probably 1 of those on the Northern Beaches - if you know the car or driver please let me know here

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I took off from lights in right hand lane after filtering to the front. Chose the right lane as the van wasn’t going to get off the line quick.

Smoke both van and black lexus which was in the left lane. Was doing 60km/h in a 60 zone just heading into a right hand corner with double white lines.

See the black lexus flying up the left lane. It pulls along side with me next to the rear door and the driver changes lanes into me forcing me over the double whites into oncoming traffic, I’m hard on the brakes in a right hand bend while then quickly swerving left back in behind him before having a head on. I’m on the horn the whole time and he never falters or rechecks the lane.

At the next set of lights I got told ‘Sorry I didn’t see you mate’. How the hell he could not see the vehicle he had just partially overtaken on the left after I had accelerated ahead of him in the lane beside him at the lights is beyond belief! The van was still 50m or more behind me and no other vehicles our side of the road. No idea why he even changed lanes other than to force me onto the other side of the road.

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I met him on Warringah Road a couple of weeks ago. 13 vehicles including a couple of large trucks managed to pass me safely, but white van man floors it, skims me by 30cm and then gives me the middle finger just like you.

I had two in less than ten seconds last Saturday up near Palmy, both large SUVs. Drivers must be compensating for anatomical inadequacies elsewhere. Scared the crap out of the group I was riding with, including a couple of girls. Got the buggers on camera, just need to go visit the site to take measurements.

Don't ride road with me, I seem to be a shit magnet.

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Yep. Yesterday I was riding my Mtb in the bike lane along Forest Way in Belrose. It’s ok, I’ve got my lane, cars respect that... but the 3 b-double earth moving trucks travelling nose to tail decided my lane stopped at the white line and theirs started. So technically, being 1cm inside the road lane places them - inside their lane... but when 6 big square metal trailers scream past just 50cms from the end of your bars it can be a bit unnerving. Even the rider behind me (unbeknownby me at this stage) found it very scary. Especially when the vortex seems to suck you in towards them as they barrel past with ZERO effort to move over just a bit.

And yes.
@hawkeye is a shit magnet, Eye-wink

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