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Thredbo Mountain biking

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By StanTheMan - Posted on 05 April 2018

Went & rode at Thredbo for a few days.
stopped at Stromlo on the way down too.

Ohhh wow....what an awesome weekend of riding. Bit exy....but well worth it.

If you get a chance. Do it. The trails are awesome. Just awesome. Also a trail from tredbo to Jindabine is also about to open for those who enjoy a longer ride.

For your average kinda XC bloke or gal there is 2 trails to choose from. And they are both awesome.

The full day lift tickets are a must unless you drink a lot the night before and only start riding at 1pm. LOL

I got 3 runs in. My son got about 8. But for next time....I'm going train up for months to make sure I'm fit.

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what was the cost for the day at thredbo?
do they have a trail that you can also ride up.... feeling fit at the moment haha

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It cost us $800 for 2 nights accommodation for 4 peeps
food itself is exy but can be reasonable if you look.
I found the food to be excellent. even when its exy.

lift ticket are $89 for the full day
$59 for half day from 1pm until 4 pm you might get 4-5 runs in if you plan it right
ski lifts start at 9am & finish at 4pm
If you were to drive into thre3dbo for the day.
park ypour car It would be the entrance to the national park
plus your ski lift fee if you choose to have it.

you want to ride up the hill?
its a 700m climb or just a bit less
unsure of the path up but there would have to be 1 .
a quad bike is up & down that mountain all day.

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