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By Arne - Posted on 13 April 2018

Does anyone know what happened to Edward. Went for a ride last night and the trail has been loosely blocked by fallen trees on both ends and all the rocks used for ramps have been moved to block the trail in multiple places.

It looks like it was done by more than one person as alot of rocks were moved and some ricks were very large.

There were no signs posted

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Went through there this morning. Looks really bad, with all transitional rocks moved on the ups and downs, plus large rocks scattered on parts of the trail, along with a lot of branches. They've not only used the rocks the riders have placed, but there seem to be extra sourced from the bush to help block bits of the track.

Don't think Council would have done this as it looks quite the eyesore.

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Hit it up early afternoon yesterday, Think it had only just been done and definitely by a group by the looks of the shoe prints in the sand. One pair of workbooks and the other prints were sports shoes..... was hoping to catch up with them but it looks like they exited towards the tennis courts and were long gone. Last time I saw trail destruction to this length and quality was oxford falls by a certain "organisation"......

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