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By Nick72 - Posted on 14 May 2018

Whilst running part of the Manly Dam track between Water Reserve Rd, North Balgowlah and Manly Vale PS, tonight.
There is now fencing completely blocking both foot and bike traffic.
This has effectively closed the Manly Dam MTB loop?
Can someone shed light on this closure?

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my guess is its a unilateral decision by the DoE and/or its Contractors and council know nothing about it ... I'll see what I can find out tomorrow..

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council weren't informed, decision taken by DoE and/or its contractor.
in the mean time advise riders to continue up King St past the park entrance gate and to either ride or push up the walking trail just inside the entrance gate next to the map kiosk. this links up with the fire trail between Manly Vale Public School and Water Reserve Rd and will get you started on your lap much more quickly than the suggested excursion via Burnt Bridge Creek deviation

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Rode the Burnt Bridge Deviation tonight. I didn’t read the fine print of the sign as it is clearly closed. So does anybody know how long it’s closed for? Who’s land is that and why is the school allowed to close it?

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That is BS. They propose a 3.5km detour for a 600m piece of track.
The sign doesn't even say how to detour, it just says go via Balgowlah. I had no idea what way to go. You would have to go down to Dan Murphy's and along Burnt Bridge Creek road.

photo of sign

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That’s the same as just saying, “sorry, you’ll just have to find another way”.
I know what I’d be doing...
#spindog, did you find anything out yet? Like how long they propose to shut access to a LOOP track...

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Despite initially suggesting the track will be closed for three weeks, (without any notice or consultation) the project manager has now promised it will be open from Saturday 18/5 evening. They'll still be works but bikes will be able to get through. In the meantime unofficially you can push through the bush to the left of the fence or push up the dam track from car park 1. Apparently that section of track is owned by DoE not council, but we're still getting clarification.

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There was a sign on the track up from the dam car park saying it was going to be closed again 21-22 May. Hopefully thats the last time

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