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Suggested downhill explore ride?

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By Little-Ditty - Posted on 08 September 2008

With the racing for my year now finished until the Mont early next year, I am free to get back to some more fun riding.

As promised to some off site, I am keen to drive down to the Wollongong area and check out the technical and downhill trails there. I have a rough idea of places I want to go to, so thank goodness for Google Maps and YouTube. Laughing out loud But of course, I am keen for the help of a tour barbie that may know the best places.

Does anyone want to come along? What is your day preference?

Saturday 13th
Saturday 20th

Am keen to hear from you! Smiling

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I am new to the area and looking to explore DH/FR trails as well. I have been talking to some people over on and have a DH trail session planned for Sat 13th if you would be interested in joining. Its not quite in Wollongong. Its an area in South Sydney called Kentlyn. Supposedly some cool trails, interested to see what they are like. I'm driving down from Curl Curl if you want to join me.

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Either day is good for me.
The only thing that will keep me away is the rotten flu I have picked up since the weekend.

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Keen for this weekend on a few conditions. Have PM'd you Liam.

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I have been down there to Campbelltown a few times. You will love it. There is no shuttling there, so I hope you bring your mountain goat legs with you. Smiling

This weekend or the next, I really wanted to ride around the Wollongong area. It is trails that I have wanted to ride for months, but seemingly everything else gets in the way. Was there any locals interested?

Buck, questions answered (I think). Smiling

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I'd be in for some other weekend. I really want to check out the Gong as well. This weekend is stuffed, but next weekend or any time after I'm in. Now that I have registered, I will try to post regularly looking for rides and ride partners all around Sydney.

I just moved here a few months ago from Colorado and just got my bike (and all my furniture) a few weeks ago. So far have only ridden the Dam and Oxford Falls. I will be looking to ride everywhere in the coming weeks.

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So Liam is anything planned for this yet? This weekend is also the council elections so I guess we have to go do that first.

I should be able to get a bike tonight that may suit this kind of riding Smiling

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Okay, I have chatted to some of you guys offline and things are progressing well. Some good news! Laughing out loud

I will be riding down at Wollongong on both Saturday 13th and also Saturday 20th. All interested riders are invited. You can do one or both days if you are keen. But note, this technical ride will likely entail some small to medium sized jumps or drops. I can't say for sure exactly what is involved as I have never been there. You would think that most of these trails will have a B-line or bail out if that proves necessary. But, that's why this is an exploration ride! Smiling

Will give you guys another update in a day or so.

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For anyone that is interested...

We have some guys meeting at Heathcote railway station for some downhill and free riding action in Wollongong. Meet us at the station at 8:30, be down in the Wollongong area at 9:00, or call me to arrange.

Cheers!! Laughing out loud

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