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Oxygen needed

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By Carlgroover - Posted on 01 November 2008

1 Nov 08

Boy, that's a steep bit of track, was on Ladytoasts tail but wasn't about to try an overtaking maneuver, as there didn't seem to be enough oxygen in the air. I better do some interval training to improve my time.

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Yeah that was hard as hell eh? Smiling

I still think your time was better than that though. Are you sure your bike computer stops as soon as you stop riding? I can see how it would be waiting to see if there is another wheel revolution before stopping... every second counts!

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I might have lost a bit of time at either end, the bike computer time stops 2 secs after the bike, but that will make it easier for me to beat it next time, which I thought would be good to do on the Anthem but I wouldn't want to be on the Anthem for the other tracks we rode that day.

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I can agree with that. Smiling

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