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SOCIAL Night Ride [Duckhole & Centre & Dinner]

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By Hans - Posted on 06 November 2008

Wednesday, 12 November, 2008 - 19:00
1.76 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
Ride Database Entry: 
Centre Track
Ride Database Entry: 
Duck Hole/Terrey Hills Trail
Meeting Point: 

Terrey Hills Tavern, eastern carpark, Aumuna Rd, Terrey Hills, NSW 2084

2 Aumuna Rd, Terrey Hills, NSW 2084 (Terrey Hills Tavern)

Social night ride - with a different trail for a bit of variety!

Shorter track, gets us back in time to the tavern for a feed!

It was suggested to start this at 7 PM and go Centre/Duckhole to get us back before the Tavern's kitchen closes at 9 PM.

[Everyone welcome - suitable for newbies, too...we're riding an easy trail, ~ 16kms round trip]

See you on Wednesday at 7 PM...

Rgds, Hans

Who's in?
pikey, Heckler, christine, Buck, Andrew, delicious, Harry, Steve 01, Gary, Volker, anke13, sarina, Hans, MartinB, LadyToast, Morgan, spart, barney, Slowpup, Newellie, jdb, Dibbler, Fury (23 riders)
pikey Heckler christine Buck Andrew delicious Harry Steve 01 Gary Volker anke13 sarina Hans MartinB LadyToast Morgan spart barney Slowpup Newellie jdb Dibbler Fury
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Bernd's picture

is Dinner!!!

Buck's picture

Duck Holes and Centre tracks really only takes an hour so you can start at usual time and still make it easily.

I'll try to make it by 7pm but if not I'll do my best to catch up.

christine's picture

you'd better tell them it's 16ks but has hills!!
i will be there woo hooo Smiling

lozza6's picture

I'm gonna miss it!

Have a great one guys!!

Top idea Hans! The Tav does GREAT eats! Smiling

anke13's picture

...if I can borrow some lights again, I'm in.

Let me know...

Hans's picture


...'course! Hob da gar kei problemsche. See ick dich dan am Mittwoch aben... Eye-wink

I glaoub dehr Schtuart kommet au noch...

May all your lines be the right ones...

anke13's picture

Also, ich seh Dich dann am Mittwoch.

Wir wollen dann mal hoffen dass der Schtuart seine Lichter repariert hat. Sonnst muss der wieder blind radeln.


christine's picture

as well as the scummers section maybe you need a german department too... Smiling

anke13's picture

...but then you'd miss out on the wonderful diversity we bring to this site Smiling

Hans's picture

Fair Dinkum!

s'truth mate!

Diversity rocks! Eye-wink

BTW: Who does this fellow remind you off? Eye-wink

spart's picture

a couple of months without evening rides, I am really looking forward to this one!! See you all there.

christine's picture

i was only thinking about you last week and wondering where you were... excellent to have you back!

MEE Smiling

Bernd's picture

bad news, I can not come along to this night ride!!!!
I have a work thing tonight, my better half has one tomorrow night and I have to leave realy early on Thursday to drive to Orange to a job site!
Sorry, we may see each other in a few days, weeks, month or years or,or,....

jdb's picture

If I get the drivetrain swap completed on the Epic tonight, I should be able to make this ride... need to do some testing before Saturday nights ride Smiling

christine's picture

I MISS YOU this is just no good - by the time i see you again i may not recognise you! Can't you change it? When are you free for us to catch up?

Bernd's picture

... can't change it, it's called life!!!
but I may go for a ride Sunday morning early!, let you know!!
so sorry to miss you again!

christine's picture

i have to go to kurrajong on sunday but could be swayed for an early fun ride first... Smiling

Stuart M's picture

NobMob dating service?

Bernd, put it away, you're married!!

Bernd's picture

.. good thinking...!
Nobmob dating service, how clever.... Rob, get onto it!

christine's picture

a bit awkward.. most people are married or in a realationship... Smiling aren't they Stuart?

Stuart M's picture

Now enough of this talk Blondie, you're scaring people away

Beany's picture

I'm free

Rob's picture

Or cheap?

Beany's picture

If you want me to be "cheap", I love to role play.

LadyToast's picture

Hi Hans

We will be coming along but "may" be a few minutes late. I'm bringing a newbie mate along so be nice to him, he's quite shy. Smiling

If we aren't there by 10 past you go off without us, we will try to catch up, I presume you will be going the usual way along the road and then down the single track rocky bit?

Andrew's picture

So what's the plan?
Do we ride Duck Holes first then Center track or the reverse?
I will probably bring the new SS but I don't know about riding up Duck Holes. (I know I am soft)
Either way see you tomorrow.

Hans's picture

Hey Ladytoast...great to see you joining us...I m sure you'll catch up...

We have to leave ~ 7 PM to get back to the pub by ~ 8:30 pm (allowing for some mechanicals and cardiac failures on heartbreak hill).

Pikey reckons if we rock up at 8:55 PM we won't be too popular with the Tavern's kitchen staff. (we won't risk that Eye-wink) Sad

BTW - good to see you are bringing a newbie...what's her name? Eye-wink

Here is the proposed route for Wednesday (starting at 7 PM from the Tavern carpark)

If you are running late call me on the mobile (in my profile)

Rgds, Hans
Happiness is a warm shock.

Fury's picture

Hi Guys,

Long time, first time etc..

Will probably show up as well - maybe +1.

What part of the Tavern's parking lot do you all meet up at? (Mona Vale Road side or the other side of the tavern)

christine's picture

sometimes it's hard to park so we overflow into the botte shop car park
but you have to stay and have a drink if you come - being a newbie and all!!! Smiling

spart's picture

still at work and will be for some time. If I make it fine but don't wait up for me. Hope to be there though...


Fury's picture

Many thanks for organsisng a great ride and waiting for straglers like me.

Commitments allowing I'll try & build the k's in my legs so I am not slowing down the group too much.

Hans's picture

Great ride in the twilight...the experiment worked!

25 riders showed up for the ride...and we all got back in time for a nice meal at the tavern. Plus it was great to ride the trickier single track bits at the beginning with sufficient daylight...and then the full moon came up over the Bahai temple...beautiful...

Let's try this timeslot again...seemed like everyone could make it!

Thanks to Pikey to convince his mate (the chef at the Tav) to keep some steaks aside for us!

And thanks to Sarina for the free calendars of her artwork - they look great.

Stampede at the Duckholes...
It's a NobMob stampede...twilight ride at the Duckholes

Stampede at the Pub...
It's a NobMob stampede - back just in time for a feed at the tavern!

We even needed overflow tables...
The Overflow table...

Sarina's "Apres Velo" Calendar - nice work!
[image:6890 size=inline]
my favourite:

Hope to see you all next week!

Rgds, Hans
Happiness is a warm shock.

Bernd's picture

.. what a shame I missed out!!
looks like you had a ballllll...
next week I'm in Brisbane for work,...and miss out again!!! Sheit!

anke13's picture

...and time worked (almost) well - sorry I was a little late.

Loved the single track - first time I did it.

Thanks for organising and lending me your lights.

See you next time Smiling

Substance's picture

this looks good, wish i had lights i would tag along

might have to invest in some in the near future.

sarina's picture

another great ride, perfect night, great company and the best sight was looking back and seeing all the lights bobbing all down the road on the way back to the tavern and a yummy dinner.
Thanks Hans for the great photos and happy you like the calendar - my hubby was the inspiration behind "Cranky" and my kids and i want to get him one for everyday of the week.
Personally, i'm pushing for for the one i've done with a crank and then tyre prints all over it "tyred and cranky".
STU - i'll get you some calendars next week - i MEANT to give you one but you weren't sitting at the "Siberia" table with all us overflow-ers/caste-outs (our table rocked!).
Discussion opener: would you REALLY serve poo ice-cream? It can only go uphill from there...


Buck's picture

Don't worry Sarina. If you were on our table you would know how Stuart can take conversations to new unexplored depths Smiling

christine's picture

isn't THAT right... quite an education for our younger riders I think... Smiling

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