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FS: 4 x Hayes Brake Pads *** SOLD ***

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By Rob - Posted on 26 January 2009

Having a clean out... I have here four sets of Hayes brake pads looking for a new home (as I now run Avids). They look like this:

2 sets of Alligator brand, brand new in shrink wrap. On T7 currently 15 bucks an end (

2 sets of EBC (I think they are EBC). These have a blue back with "G+" printed on them. I carried them inside a small plastic box between foam on the trail and are in perfect condition. Never used.

All sets have the little springs included.

I'll take whatever you have - they aren't worth much but don't want to throw them away.

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from you.
How much you want for the lot? Eye-wink

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If you don't have any 'interesting trades' then $$$ will do. I probably paid around 60 bucks for the lot. Any LBS will charge twice that though so technically they are worth over 100.

Make me a silly offer - I'm unlikely to refuse Eye-wink

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$20. Sticking out tongue

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Awwww... come on... ya' killing me! Eye-wink

Any other takers? Puzzled

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