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By Carlgroover - Posted on 31 January 2009

31 Jan 09

Took the new 429 down Andos today and thought I'd have a crack at my hot lap time from May 08, I thought I might be struggling as I'd been chasing my very fast friend up the highway from Woodford then down Andos and the heat was picking up. I flicked on the pro pedal and lock out and smashed my old time by a whopping 1m 27s the training must be working.
John. Smiling

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It should read smashed my old time by 1m 10s. Sad

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Keep em sponsors happy... Eye-wink

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Ah, don't worry. I'm sure everyone will see how excited you were to post the time. And clearly the heat has fried everyone's brain a bit today! Eye-wink

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Must be a PIVOT! Eye-wink

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the turning point for you John Eye-wink

Let there be light

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On saying much about it until I've ridden it some more, and am aware you may think I'll exaggerate it's performance, but it flew down Andos today, the front end is really stable on fast rough stuff and the DW link suspension works great and I haven't started trying different pressures yet from the standard recommended ones. I stuck a lighter front tyre on today and converted both to tubeless. I am now understanding what Pivot mach 5 was raving on about, the way my bike descends I reckon the mach 5 would leave a few downhillers in it's wake.

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Track... John your not content with riding 21 or so laps at a 24hours race while the rest of us only get 5 or 6, now you have to get a quicker bike just to squeeze in an extra lap or two.

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