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WTB - Dual Suspension MTB

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By mjb - Posted on 08 February 2009


Brand new to the Forums, essentially I am looking (and have been for a while) for a dual suspension MTB.

Ideally I am looking for a Specialized EPIC or Stumpjumper.

In terms of Sizing, Im 178cm so from what I can gather a Medium/Large would suit. (if you have any input I would love some advice).

I am looking to spend somewhere between 2 - 2500, depending on the year,model and condition. (I would be willing to spend a little more for the right bike).

If you have something like this or know someone who does please let me know.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I appreciate any help offered.



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Welcome to this paticular forum.
At your height, you'll ride a medium if you choose any of the large brand bikes. Certainly with Specialized. Trust me on this as I have some insight.
Also, understand that an Epic is a racebike and therefore a bit narrow focused. A top bike though and some people here have them and love them dearly. Enter Christine and Gaz...
If you were to choose a Stumpy you'll have a bike which has a much wider scope for general purpose trail riding, and are still nifty in a race. They steer nice and quickly in tight sections, yet can go a little bit big when required. Local trails are rather rocky afterall.

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Thankyou for the advice re-size. I have had people telling me I could get either and simply adjust the post height and perhaps change the stem, but I thought a medium would be better.

Which is a shame as there is a nice 08 Stumpjumper Expert on Ebay for $2700.00, but its a Large.

Thanks again


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even though he is far more connected with that make of bike than I am. I say partially because I think the answer to what size you are will have a lot to do with what type of riding you want to do. Looking at the too models you have selected dirties the water on that topic slightly. As delicious said, one is a very specific xc machine, the other is an xc oriented bike that is capable of so much more. If you like to play and think you'll be jumping off stuff and taking every challenge you come across then I agree, the medium is the correct size. If, however, you plan on keeping both wheels firmly on the ground as much as possible and are looking for a bike to spend hours blasting around your favourite xc trail then I would suggest the large would probably be better suited.

At a minimum can I suggest you get your leg over both a medium and a large frame and go for a spin, not just around a carpark to see what feels the best. Ideally spend a little time first getting the bike set up correctly for you.

Good luck

Let there be light

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Hi guys

Thankyou for everyone that took the time to both offer advice and options.

I recently purchased a 2008 Specialized Stumpjumper Pro.



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