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Still no plan for SCA access

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By Rob - Posted on 26 February 2009

Last week I sent a mail to SCA asking how they were going with their review of bike access. Yesterday I got the reply:

Dear Robin

Thank you for your query regarding the timeframe for the review of the mountain bike access in the Special Areas.

In September 2008, the then Minister for Water, Nathan Rees MP, requested that the Sydney Catchment Authority (SCA) consider requests for access to the restricted Special Area land for recreational purposes. The SCA was requested to review routes proposed by mountain bike riders, and to explore options that allow appropriate access for recreational riders without impacting on water quality.

The SCA’s internal review on this matter is still underway, and we will let you know when further information is available.

Kind regards


Holly Langler

Senior Community Engagement Officer
Sydney Catchment Authority

Hmmmmm... so no plan has been formed after almost 5 months. I conclude that as I asked about time frames and what plans they did have. So to get the above reply points to the fact they are still making a plan. Perhaps these guys need some help?

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