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Yeeoooooooo !!!

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By Fankles - Posted on 01 March 2009

1 Mar 09

Been gettin my butt back in shape since christmas after many months of slackness. Thought i'd open the can on a couple of laps to give me a better idea of how I'm going. Must admit I was kind of surprised and thought I'd fudged it first time round when it read around 27mins. So I had a break for 20 then had another crack. Traffic was minimal and the track condition was perfect, a touch hot but that beats rain anyday.... I Bet Wazza could trim another minute off that the way he's going at the moment, bloody flying midget that one!
Look out Dirtyworks! Cheers ...

Bike: Fisher Paragon 29er
Powered by: Steak

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Great time Brad - you gotta be loving that 29er.

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Thats truly awesome. Well done!

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Cheers guys, feeling really tops ah. That 29er is the fastest thing I've ridden to date. Lets see how the 429 performs when I get my hands on one.... can't wait! Eye-wink
Have fun out there guys...

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