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Trail Database & Other Ride Goodies

Welcome to the NoBMoB Mountain Bike Trails Database.

We understand the wealth of information here can be daunting so if you're new to all this check out our Beginners Guide to Mountain Biking in Sydney.

This site started out being dedicated to the Northern Beaches, but as can be seen by the list on the right, has grown to include many different areas. Below is a map showing the location of our 'core' riding area. If you are looking for a map with all the trails shown, visit our complete trails finder page.

Disclaimer: The trails database here is always a work in progress. The entries are wiki-like: any member can contribute by adding new entries or editing existing ones when they get out of date.

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Areas and Profiles

Back when this site started the trails database consisted of just short descriptions of various areas to ride around. While this is handy, it doesn't really give anyone a feel for how far one could ride in any particular area. For this reason the original entry type has been renamed 'Trails Database Entry' and complemented with 'Ride Profile/Route' entries. The second of these being a place to write about a specific route one took, hopefully with hill profile, etc.


  • Trails Database Entry - A description of an area where one can ride.
  • Ride Profile/Route - A description of an specific ride in (or passing through one or more) of the areas.

The ride profiles page lists all profiles added so far. It's sortable by clicking the columns at the top. Maybe this will get some filters added one day. Eye-wink

Planning a Ride

Of course, what's the point of knowing where the trails are if you can't get out there and have some fun with a few friends... erm... or random strangers? Eye-wink Check out the Ride Planning page for all the low down on how to organise a meet.

Hot Laps

By popular request - 'Hot Laps' - a page dedicated to the times one can make on these trails. Take a look & post a comment with your time.

More Maps

Maps of each individual area are available on the relevant page. Use the right hand block/menu or click on the map above.

We also have a whole page dedicated to putting all the maps links in a single place, see: mountain bike maps.


Many ways to skin a cat, and as it happens, also to describe bike rides. We have several categories that should help you find what you want... well... if the author's have done their job! Eye-wink

By Location

Where is this ride?

Northern Beaches - Yup, in our favourite neck of the woods as shown in the map above. Or click use the right hand block/menu as mentioned.

By Geography

This category is for describing specific ride profiles. Not to be confused with location, what we mean here is how a ride is cycled. You know, like...

  • Loops - Erm, yeah, start and finish in the same place.
  • Out and back - Kindof like a loop, only you turn round at the end of a run and go back the way you came.
  • One way - Where you'll need alternate transport to get back to the beginning (DH shuttles or trains, etc).
  • Others - Anything that isn't the above. Usually this applies to areas there are many intersecting trails - like Cascades, Oxford Falls, etc.

By Fitness Required

This is our rather tongue-in-cheek 'blown lungs' rating. Look out for this rating on the ride profiles.

One blown lung should see even a novice make it through the ride, three blown lungs being what the average once or twice a week rider can manage and the five blown lungs category is reserved for the super fit and elite rider.

Rides by Location

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