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Status: Unknown
5 for 2.5km (19%)
1 for 9.2km (70%)
Single Track - Enclosed:
3 for 1.4km (11%)
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Brilliant and technical XC course built by the kind folk at WMBC - one of the finest around Sydney. Looks to be plenty of firetrail in the area too, but with sniggle this good, why would you waste your time there?

Meeting Point: 

North end of Burke St, Appin. There's a small parking area here at the trail head.

Note that the map shows Market Street connecting Appin Rd to this location but that is actually a firetrail and will not work for drivers who should take King St (next block South) and enter from there.

-34.200985,150.792578 (North end of Burke St, Appin)
Full Description: 

As mentioned above, this small area just to the East of Appin is home to an XC track maintained be WMBC. The deceptively small and flat looking area hides one of the best technical XC tracks around Sydney. Think the short section of Manly Dam that runs along by between Wakehurst parkway and the golf course... only 9Km of the stuff! Smiling

Speaking only from experience gained in the 2008 WWS race here, despite being squeezed into a small area this track doesn't suffer from switchback syndrome which is a blessing. It's also really rather technical, with plenty of climbs over rocks requiring strength and technique, and a good deal of rolls and drops thrown in to keep the variety going.

On this course there are a few short of sections of fire trail, but only one that you could really 'rest' on. The others are akin to GNR, with rough rocks and plenty of drops and roll downs to enjoy before hitting another technical climb or section of sniggle.

I'm sure there are more fire trails in this area. To the North and West of the XC track shown on the map. Some of this appears to be on SCA land, but in a special zone that has no vehicle restrictions. We saw some MX riders on the race day so can imagine there must be more distance to be had in the area.

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Appin WWS Course 2008
Appin WWS Course 2008 (9.07Km)

Sweet, sweet single track with a few short sections of firetrail. Nice and technical too - loved it!

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Title When
Couple of Laps in Appin on the first day of Spring ! 11 years 37 weeks ago
Rock Wallaby Enduro 11 years 51 weeks ago
Appin XC track maintenance 12 years 10 hours ago
Appin XC track maintenance 12 years 4 weeks ago
Easter Monday lap or 3 of Appin 12 years 5 weeks ago

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