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Status: Unknown
4 for 4km (46%)
Single Track - Enclosed:
4 for 4.7km (54%)
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Some out & back trails that make a nice addition to a lap of Manly Dam. The Cook Street Track in particular is a real lung buster and great climbing training.

Meeting Point: 

Normally cross Wakehurst Parkway from the top of Manly Dam, or there are a few spaces so you could park up at that point too.

-33.768497,151.234643 (Wakehurst Parkway)
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Illegal Trails

In March 2008 NPWS clamped down on many trails that had been ridden for many years. Riding on single tracks in National Parks is illegal and heavy fines apply. If you'd like more background on this see NPWS Meeting Apr 9, 2008.

Legal Bits to Ride

Crossing the road from Manly Dam you'll find a gap in the foliage with firetrail directly beyond.

This firetrail runs parallel to the Parkway. To the South it eventually peters out into some single trail which twists and turns and has a few nice ups and downs too. Later on you'll come across a walking trail with steps that lead all the way down to the water if you fancy a walk. Don't bother and turn back from whence you came.

Going North you'll come to Bantry Bay Road then turn left to head down to a Scout Hut. Steps behind here lead to more trails, and what UBD calls The Bluff Track, which is an out and back to a lookout (and another long steep walking track again down to the water's edge - don't bother) then come back and carry on up and around and eventually back to the road.

From Bantry Bay Road there's a path past a small parking lot back to Wakehurst Parkway where you can cross and find a trail to join back with Manly Dam.

Forestville Side

If you make your way over to the playing fields at Forestville there are a couple of nice bits of single track to play in which are not inside National Park (although some do enter NP and are not posted so beware!). There is also quiet a steep firetrail that leads almost to the water's edge which makes a nice training ride if you are that way inclined.

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