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Knapsack Reserve

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
Double Track:
7 for 2.2km (12%)
8 for 4.3km (23%)
2 for 2km (10%)
Single Track - Enclosed:
29 for 7.1km (37%)
1 for 1.7km (9%)
4 for 1.8km (9%)
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A variety of tracks with a mix of firetrail and technical single track. Currently a bit of a maze which allows for creating your own loop.

Also includes a legal DH Track.

Meeting Point: 

Lovers walk Firetrail Gate, get onto Barnet St and head north uphill, the gate and parking is just past the 'S' bend.

Full Description: 

Knapsack Reserve has a maze of older Dirt bike, 4WD and service tracks. Riding varies from firetrail and single track to rocky technical sections with some good pinch climbs.

The kmz file shows what is probably the most common XC loop in the area. This can be varied by exploring some of the other trails that fork off. The trail down to the old water works down the "Chute" is a good secondary loop for a technical ride.

There is a council approved DH track that is shown in the map. Shuttle pickup is from the end of the Great Western Highway at the bottom of Mitchell's Pass while drop off is on Barnet Street in the carpark. This requires a ride along "Lovers Walk" to get to the start of the track. MAKE SURE YOU ARE QUIET AND RESPECTFUL AT DROPOFF AS THIS IS A RESIDENTIAL AREA!!!!

Trails are shared with walkers so be courteous and always give way.

BMORC is currently working with Council to rationalise a shared Cross Country loop to make it longer and a better ride. So good relationships with the other users and local residents is very important.

Facilities/Points of Interest
Glenbrook Park Bubbler

A bubbler can be found near Glenbrook Parks BBQ's

Elizabeth Lookout

Elizabeth Lookout offers a fantastic view of Penrith, you can see Sydney from here on a clear day.

Knapsack Viaduct

Knapsack Viaduct offers views into Penrith. The Structure is heritage Listed. More information on Knapsack Viaduct is available from the Office of Environment an Heritage.

Marges Lookout

Marges lookout stretches your eyes over Penrith Lakes.

Quarry Lookout

Quarry Lookout looks over a former historical quarry site with views of Penrith.

Siding Lookout

Siding Lookout is located at the northern end of the Lapstone Zig-zag, Just past the old Lucasville Station. Siding Lookout has views of the Knapsack Viaduct and Penrith. Elizabeth Lookout can be seen across the gully.

Barnett Street parking

A small car park is available next to Lovers Walk gate at the top of Barnett Street.

Glenbrook oval parking

There's plenty of parking at Glenbrook Oval, Hare St (next to skate park). From here ride down Moore Street to the start of trail that leads into the main park around the gate.

John Whitton Memorial

Alternative Parking at the John Whitton Memorial.

Lennox Bridge Parking

Alternative Parking is available at the Lennox Bridge.

Elizabeth Lookout Shelter

There's a picnic area with shelter close to Elizabeth Lookout. Pack a snack and enjoy a rest with a view.

Glenbrook park picnic area

There's a picnic area in Glenbrook Park, just opposite the shops with a free BBQ & picnic facilities thanks to the local Rotary Club and BMCC.

Glenbrook Park Toilets

There are toilets at Glenbrook Park which are open most days.

Knapsack Park Toilets

There are toilets by Knapsack Park, but these are only open when the fields are in use.

Glenbrook Train Station

Glenbrook Train station. From here travel up Ross street to the top of the hill where you will find the main strip of Glenbrook Shops. Head towards the Service station and turn left before the highway. 100m up there is a set of lights for a safer crossing over the Great Western Highway. Now travel up Hare street and take the first right. At the end of Moore street the is an alley to ride through then cross over the next street and your now at Barnet Streets southern trail head.

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