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Pine Creek (Cows & Guns)

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Miles of sniggle and fire trail though lush native forest - what more could you ask for?

Meeting Point: 

From the Pacific Highway at Bonville, head West down Gleniffer Road for about 3Km.
Full Description: 

Having only experienced a single day at Pine Creek, and a race day at that, it's sad to say that this write up will be pretty short and patchy. To spend more time here would just be a blast given the short intro gained then (Maxxis Mountain Marathon was here in 2007).

Lie of the Land

A very simplistic view of the place is a massive area of single track that weaves between trees and fire trail, and rolls up and down gullies in the most pleasing manner.

Taking a look at the map we see quiet a bit of trail packed nicely in the North-east corner (by the start). Coffs Harbour Cycle Club (CHCC) have done a top job in here, and it would seem this is where they do quiet a bit of racing. There's a lot of single track in this area with a good few pallets on berms and built into jumps. Awesome stuff.

Looking at the rest of the map a lot of fire trail is marked. In fact, there's so much here we left them showing on the screen grabbed map (usually we turn off anything that's not so interesting). Thing is, going on the race day experience a good deal of the fire trail marked (it's white on the map of course) is pretty skinny and not your usual stuff. Again, it rises and falls, but is very smooth so those descents can be taken at grin inducing speed and are often capped off with a nice jump or high speed berm at the bottom. It's just brilliant stuff.

Further West the climbing gets tougher, or so I hear, sadly not having seen this first hand. Given that though, Pine Creek will offer challenges to pretty much anyone who wants to venture further than the race circuit.

Ride Profiles Here
Maxxis Coffs Mountain Marathon 2007 (50Km route)
Maxxis Coffs Mountain Marathon 2007 (50Km route) (45.74Km)

50Km route from the 2007 race.

Past & Future Ride Meetings Here
Title When
Pleasure & Pain MTB Enduro 2011 12 years 25 weeks ago
Pleasure & Pain MTB Enduro 2010 13 years 28 weeks ago
Coffs Mountain Marathon 15 years 22 weeks ago

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