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Status: Unknown
5 for 6.1km (53%)
1 for 0.9km (7%)
Single Track - Enclosed:
4 for 4.6km (39%)
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Although these tracks can make a nice out and back sort of ride in their own right, their main purpose in life (well, at least for us) is to join with Terrey Hills and Wildflower Garden, from which points you can make a huge circuit if crazy enough. Also, Muppets is a nice little single trail loop of a little over 2km.

Meeting Point: 

West end of Ryland, Mona Vale Road. Heading towards Terrey Hills on Mona Vale Road, look for wide red gravel shoulder on left, just past the turn off to Belrose Supa Centa.

-33.703705 151.205952
Full Description: 

There's really not much to say here. This is a standard out and back fire trail, but with a couple of interesting though shortish single tracks.

As the summary says though, very nice to be able to join the Wildflower Management track (South end of Garden Gully) to Terrey Hills via the Sandy connector. Actually, that kind of ride would probably be the pick of 'em here.

Garden Gully isn't marked on any map and is actually a bit of sniggle that runs from the end of the marked fire trail. It's best ridden North to South, but that's not going to help you with connecting the areas we just talked of. It's not very long either way so don't worry about it.

Heading North to Terrey Hills, Sandy Connector is incredibly steep and covered in water bars... crazy high speed descent Eye-wink That section scores 4 blow lungs.

So there are two single tracks worth trying. First one heads off to the left after passing through the entry gate and just before the National Park gate. This is the "Mona Vale Sniggle". Some modest rocky drops to keep the interest up, crosses a small road and then widens into fire trail. Track splits, left turn heads up loose rocky ground and eventually reaches a mini-wheels motorbike course with some interesting obstacles and the St Ives Showgrounds. The right turn heads down some loose rocky slopes which can be a bit of a challenge coming back. This gets to unlocked gate into Wildflower Gardens, not much beyond the gates though.

The other single track is off to the right about 50m from the National Park gate. This is the "Muppets Track". This track immediately splits into two and forms a loop. Strongly suggest heading left. The first half is a really fun, fast track then heads back up over a rise then on towards the golf course. The local golfers must not be very good as there are loads of balls on the track. At the end, the track splits. Left side becomes increasingly overgrown and not worth the effort. The right track heads back towards Mona Vale Road but near the road, head right and this brings you back to the start of the loop.

Facilities/Points of Interest
Parking by Mona Vale Road

The Eastbound lane of Mona Vale road has a huge verge where it's easy to park.

Past & Future Ride Meetings Here
Title When
Duck Holes + Centre + St Ives Singletrack Return 10 years 23 weeks ago
Duck Holes, Centre, Perimeter, St Ives Sniggle & return 10 years 26 weeks ago
Wildflower Garden + Ryland 14 years 17 weeks ago
Bigger Hill Fest 15 years 31 weeks ago

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