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Salvation Tracks

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
Double Track:
2 for 4.4km (58%)
1 for 3.1km (42%)
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Nice out and back firetrail where the only climbs to speak of are short, steep, and some suprisingly technical.

Meeting Point: 

There's parking all along West Head Road. Often this ride is added to Towlers Bay and we park there.

If you were feeling exceptionally tight then one could park at the small area by the junction of West Head/McCarrs Creek road and ride up, avoiding the park entry fee charged to cars.

-33.630439, 151.255090 (West Head Rd)
Full Description: 

Salvation Track forms a loop from/to West Head Road. Half of this is marked as walking track but it's all wide enough firetrail really. Around half way round the loop, an arms heads off to the west, this is Wallaroo Arm. That later forks into Wallaroo Track and Yeomans Track.

You can start/finish at either end of the Salvation loop, but the gradient is South to North so best to do that climb along the road. Given this then, head in the South end. After a few Ks you'll come to the only obvious junction, right continues down and back out to West Head Road. You didn't come here just for that though, so turn left down Wallaroo Arm.

This Arm has some steep sections with rock steps and loose stuff that are large enough to make things tricky (cricket ball size and up). Grip is your main foe here but most can be done, at least in one direction Eye-wink

Again you'll come to an obvious intersection with Wallaroo to the right, and Yeomans left.

Wallaroo Track from here is the narrower one and slowly becomes more overgrown to the end (take that to be whenever you feel the bushes get to prickly!). There are some technical parts in here too, but nothing like you've already done and a nice view at the end.

Yeomans track is wider and feels like it drops further toward the end (that's probably because it's a slight climb from the junction though). The view is probably better and it's not as narrow either, so perhaps it's the better of the two to choose.

Whichever arm you choose, it's a case of get to the end, admire the view, maybe take your break then head back. On picking up the Salvation Loop again, left will be a gentle slope down to the road and is in good enough shape to get a little speed, of course right would be back whence you came in this description.

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West Head: Salvation + Towlers
West Head: Salvation + Towlers (32.45Km)

Road work from McCarrs Creek Rd to Salvation then Towlers tracks and return.

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