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Status: Unknown
4 for 6.3km (18%)
Single Track - Enclosed:
24 for 29km (82%)
Single Track - Exposed:
1 for 0.2km (1%)
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Sweetest single track I have ever ridden. All in pine forests on buff trail.

Meeting Point: 

The meeting point is located on Sparrow Hill Rd which runs off the Kings Highway, approx 10km from Queanbeyan and 11km from Bungendore. Note: Sparrow Hill is part of Kowen Forest.

-35.324879, 149.348837
Full Description: 

This is honestly the best single track I have ever ridden. The boys and girls from CORC have done an unbelievable job creating some of the smoothest, most flowing single track in AUS. All the trails are part of Kowen State Forest east of Queenbeyan. This is all pine forest and hence incredibly well protected from the weather.

Bernd and I got there about 10.30 Sunday morning and the first indication that we were about to experience something special was the number of cars parked at the gate. There was about fifteen cars there and bearing in mind that this was the same weekend as Dirtworks we were kinding of expecting the place pretty much to ourselves.

Keeping to form as far as navigation is concerned we rode the track the wrong way round. Despite all the signs we rode clockwise because dingbat went from memory of a trail report I had read that morning and everything looked as I had pictured it in my mind. It should definitely be ridden anticlockwise. It is testament to the quality of the trail that despite this, a thermometer reading about 10degrees and occasional light rain we left the forest after about 2hrs grinning from ear to ear.

As said, all of this trail flows through a number of "paddocks" of pine forest. It is smooth, fast and unbelievable good to ride. As the trails leave one stand of trees to another it is easy to lengthen or shorten the ride any way you please, via the logging roads. We did the full outer lap which covers most of the trail in the area, but past on the "sparrow Hill" loop which we had been told is a rock garden. Didn't want to push our luck on our last day and with a three hour drive still ahead of us.

Whilst the trail is incredibly smooth, there is an abundance of sharp rock strewn along the sides of the trail so if your not sure tacke care. The trails we rode lacked any great hills or technically challenging areas although you are constantly climbing or dropping. The trails have been so well layed out that the hills seem to disappear as you wind your way up them.

Lots of interesting things to see along the way as well, although with it being as cold as it was we didn't stop for too many pics. A couple of dams, some interesting logs to negotiate, a couple of animal graveyards and even a short "skinny", albeit only just off the ground.

I can highly recommend heading down this way for a weekend or even just a very long day out.

Make sure you take plenty of water, some food and most importantly a map as it is easy to get lost as all the trees look the same, strange that. The outer loop is well marked although there are a couple of detours that might send you back home earlier than planned. I have included a copy of CORCs map of the area. This is on their site as well.

On another note, this area is a great example of what can be achieved when land holders and users work together. Even in areas that have been logged the trails are still incredibly well defined and compacted. This cooperation even goes as far as having a toilet on site and entry gates to keep out the motor bikes but are built in away to let you pass your bike through.

Hats of to all involved and thanks for your hard worked that allowed me to enjoy one of my best days on the bike so far.

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