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Status: Unknown
3 for 26km (100%)
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Nice firetrail with views from the Ridge. Killer climb up but fantastic descent down Jack's Track (well - when it's dry).

Meeting Point: 

There's a small, steep section of gravel from St Albans Rd to the start of the trail proper. Depending on how much climbing you feel like doing, drive up this to the start.

-33.361422259, 150.943774965 (Womerah Range - South End)
Full Description: 

This deceptively tough ridge top trail has been used for the Dirtworks series of 100Km races, based around St Albans.

Basically, your standard firetrail, but along a ridge top there's nice views to be had on a clear day. The main trail here runs all the way to Putty Road to the West. That makes for a looooong out and back though (Putty Road to St Albans is 43Km - one way!).


To be honest, don't know why I use the term, 'deceptively tough' at the off. Looking at the elevation profile here there's nothing deceptive about this at all - 300m elevation change from St Albans road is going to be hard!

And once you're up on the ridge, don't think for a second the grinding is over. The undulations give way to a couple of nasty little peaks with first a 50, then 100 vertical metre peak to climb.

Heading North, be sure to take the Jack's Track turning or you'll end up at Putty Road to the West. Besides, there's the crazy descent down Jack's to make the struggle of the ridge worthwhile - 200m vertical drop in a little over 400m distance!


And when you're done, well - how to get back to the start? For the insane, turn around and ride it all in reverse. Personally, I'd rather take the road route stopping by The Settlers Arms pub in St Albans on the way Smiling

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Womerah Range, Great Northern Road & Western Commission
Womerah Range, Great Northern Road & Western Commission (74.37Km)

Long training route involving some road, some steep climbs and the best technical part of Great Northern Road. Great training ride for the Dirtworks events based in St Albans.

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Convict 100 2017 6 years 47 weeks ago
Convict 100 2016 7 years 47 weeks ago
Convict 100 2015 8 years 33 weeks ago
8 years 47 weeks ago
Convict 100 2014 9 years 47 weeks ago

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