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Council Amalgamations

Due to the users endless source of knowledge I have a question concerning the changes among the council system and if they will affect the development of the trails around Bantry Bay and Manly Dam?

If so will these changes be for better or worse or does anybody even know what is happening?
Thanks, Alex

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Eurofest - Bantry Bay

Eurofest is on at Ararat Reserve this weekend.see
Good: Stop for a German sausage and beer
Bad: Restricted parking along Bantry Bay Road and increased traffic and limited parking in the area

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Dirt Nights

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Tuesday, 29 September, 2015 - 18:30
Meeting Point: 

Forestville Ferrets Clubhouse, end of Currie Road, Forestville

forestville park

From September “Dirt nights” will be held on the last TUESDAY of every month so that MTB riders, Clubs, trail builders and suppliers can meet up for a social evening to chat about bikes, trails, tricks and tips.

Our next event falls in the school holidays, so it'd be great to have your kids come along too.

If you’re a beginner or just want to learn more about mountain biking, this is also a great opportunity to meet up with other riders and learn more about this exciting sport.

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Dirt Nights

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Wednesday, 26 August, 2015 - 18:30
Meeting Point: 

Ferrets Rugby League Clubhouse - End of Currie Rd Forestville

Forrestville Park

Social night open to mountain bike riders of all levels, talk bikes, learn mods/tricks and about local tracks. Show off your pride and joy (bring them into the clubhouse with you).

Feel free to come along just for the get together opportunity or incorporate a ride on the local trails nearby before a drink at the bar and a sausage sandwich, which are $4 each (Cash only).

Kids welcome but require adult supervision.

We had over 60 riders at our July meeting. Hope to see you there.

For more information

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NPWS Map of Bantry Bay Trails with Planned Closures

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Looking at the Garigal National Park website it states that closures are planned for unauthorised tracks and notes 2 tracks being (1) Natural Bridge track to Davidson Park and (2) Seaforth Oval to Natural Bridge track. See

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Dirt Nights @ Forestville

Wednesday, 27 May, 2015 - 18:00
Meeting Point: 

Forestville Rugby, End of Currie Road

Talk Dirt, Bikes and other interesting chatter. Enjoy some discounted food and drink.
This is your forum for exchanging feedback, ideas and otherwise back to the club, local riders and local trail builders.
Local trails nearby to ride on before hand or during as well as plenty of room to get the bikes out and learn some new tricks or some tips from Sydney MTB riders coaches.

Last Wednesday of every month.

Come join us at the end of Currie Road, Forestville. Right near the new Bantry Bay trails. Everyone is welcome.

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Forestville Park Ovals

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A bit lost yesterday trying to find Gahnia I ended up on the far side of Forestville Park’s (Ferretville) second oval. One of the club members I know was mowing and waved me around the edge of the oval. That night a Ferret director was at my place and mentioned that the club feel that bikes riding across the oval, on the one track, are doing damage.

Agree with this or not, we should probably not ride across the ovals for “good neighbourly relations”. The long grass has now been cut so it’s easy to ride around the oval’s edge.

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Happy Holidays - Bantry Bay Gahnia Track is now open!

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Amazing stonework/ rock armouring on this trail

Just in time for the holiday break another amazing win for local riders. Bantry Bay Gahnia track is now open.

Aimed at experienced riders this trail runs in a one way North to South direction from the Bluff Track entrance. See Gahnia Trail Map.

NPWS explains, "...the first 50 m of this track has been designed to test if your bike handling skill is at the level needed for tracks rated ‘more difficult’. If you find you are not yet competent at all the challenges in this section, then do not proceed any further along the track. It is permitted to go back up the track to the start from this section only. Do not cut through the bush to exit the track.

Thanks to Mario for the pictures (more after the break) - this stuff looks great.

Get out there!

More discussion here: Gahnia - Bantry Bay ready to ride Christmas Eve.

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NPWS Warning for Bantry Bay

NPWS have erected a sign on the entrance to the Bluff fire trail advising to keep clear of this area this morning. they are flying in (weather permitting) the final bridge for the Eastern trail a.k.a. Ghana track.

I think its ok to continue to ride Serrata

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